Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Midweek musings

Sorry about the lack of blogging this week, but three successive days of 9am to 8pm have eaten into my available time and there's been no real news anyway.

A Derbyshire XI beat a Kevin Dean XI tonight at Chesterfield tonight, 169-6 beating 132. It would have been a good run out and an opportunity to get used to both the wicket and the outfield before the week's major matches.

The outfield should be like polished glass if it stays dry and the scoring rates will be high, I would have thought. Mark Footitt has been released from England duty and so is available, on what is normally a quick wicket that he should enjoy.

Northamptonshire on Sunday should be a high-scoring game and there are two sides of aggressive batsmen who will enjoy short boundaries and getting full value for a well-timed shot.

I just hope Derbyshire continue the form they showed against Nottinghamshire. A good performance is always to be enjoyed, but carries much more weight when it is replicated.

When we do that, we will really start going places.

More from me nearer the weekend. Enjoy the sun, while it lasts.

It's raining in Glasgow tonight...

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