Friday, 19 June 2015

Worcestershire v Derbyshire

Derbyshire 136-7 
Worcestershire 139-2

Worcestershire won by eight wickets

Put bluntly, we were outclassed and hammered tonight, by a Worcestershire side that looks well-suited to this format. Especially with Moeen Ali in their side and in such sparkling form.

From the reports it appears that some manic batting cost us any chance of gaining the ascendancy in the Power play, with wickets going down in each of the first four overs. No side would expect to win from such a start and we didn't. The lower order did well to get a score of respectability on the board, but no one managed the fifty-plus score that might have stretched Worcestershire.

As it happened, it wouldn't have mattered, because Moeen Ali came out and put the attack to the sword, having earlier taken three wickets. It is what you hope your international star will do on a rare county appearance and he didn't let them down. By the time he was out, for 65 in the eighth over, the game was effectively finished as a contest, with his side already on 83.

We didn't become world-beaters after last night's win, nor are we hopeless after tonight. Rather we were guilty of some injudicious shot selection and some suicidal running, neither of which, in a fragile batting line-up, are recipes for success.

There is a distance to travel before we can compete in this form of the game, but the biggest challenge isn't necessarily talent, but consistency. The better players produce their best game on a more frequent basis and at this stage we have too many young players who struggle to do that.

A work in progress.


Mark said...

How long are we a work in progress then Peakfan?. The start to this season has been extremely disappointing if you ask me, with some severe hammerings being dished out by other counties. Bog standard players, who carry on getting picked because we've no back up. Really poor state of affairs I'm afraid.

Peakfan said...

OK Mark, you are always quick to criticise, so what is the alternative?
How do we turn it around in the timescale that you are presumably looking for? And please don't say 'sign better players' because it assumes that those players want to come and that we had the money to sign them.
Let's not forget that we signed three big-name players this year as a statement of ambition to universal acclaim. It isn't the club's fault that they haven't performed to the expected standard (Guptill apart).
I will accept moans, if you can suggest how it can be done better than bringing on young players and giving them time.
I am no more happy with results than you are, but there is no magic wand to wave. Perhaps one or two players will ultimately be short of the requisite standard, but you know that no more than I do.
So what's the answer?

Mutn said...

I'm not sure how well we bowled last night, as I left at the interval . Talent is one thing, and I guess all players at this level have that, but nous is something else, and there, well, I'm beginning to wonder !!

I got a cracking turquoise Hairy Hat though, and wore it until I could pick up the last five overs on 1116mw ! If we'd have made it to the last five overs ...!

Gary said...

Was just interested today in how young a T20 team we had today so did a rough check from last nights teams on how many T20 games the players had played in the North Group (taking out the 2 overseas as they change so regular in this comp for some teams and Durham and Warwicks only have 1 so their totals are higher because of this).
Interesting to see we are pretty much middle of the road in terms of the group - only Shiv Thakor has played less than 20 games in T20 in our team.

Lancs 346
Leics 350
Worcs 409
Derbys 416
North 429
Warw 569
Yorks 574
Durham 609
Notts 776

Peakfan said...

Good post Gary - and perhaps telling that our two wins have come against teams less experienced than us?
Experience counts - in any team or organisation that you care to mention.

Mark said...

It's not inexperience, it's just that 90% of other counties have a better standard of player, and it's telling.

Peakfan said...

I don't agree Mark, but we'll need to disagree on this one. The basic talent is there but they need to find consistency. Tapping into that will occupy the minds of the coaches over the winter - as will improving the squad in certain areas and identifying overseas players who can set the standard and maintain it