Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Kent v Derbyshire day 3

Derbyshire 232-2 (Hughes 94, Godleman 82 not, Dilshan 27 not)

Derbyshire beat Kent by 8 wickets

The end, when it came, was professional and accomplished, the only disappointment that our Chesney didn't make it to a well-deserved century.

The spade work had been done yesterday, when senior players stood up to be counted. It continued today, with Tillakaratne Dilshan hurrying to a run-a-ball 27, while the skipper saw it through to the bitter end, ensuring the good ship Derbyshire came safely into port.

There's a good piece on Billy Godleman on Cricinfo, written by the excellent Tim Wigmore. Billy has done a very good job and let no one down in deputising for Wayne Madsen, though I like the way he pays tribute today to his seam bowlers.

After a horrid last session on the first day, Derbyshire turned the game around in remarkable fashion. It could be the catalyst to the season, the result lifting us to fourth place in the division and a place in the promotion mix. Lancashire and Surrey are currently some way clear, but I don't look at the southern county and see anything special, apart from the two very obvious players.

We have still to play them twice and there's a lot of cricket to be played. IF - that's the biggest if I can muster - we can maintain this intensity and level of performance, we might be up there at the business end of the summer.

Consistency. That's the thing all of the sides crave.

In closing tonight, I would like to pay tribute to a long-time contributor to this blog, Martin Moseling, who died yesterday.

I only met him once, but was immediately taken with a kindred spirit, a man for who cricket was as important as life itself. He loved the county game, especially Kent and we exchanged emails on a number of occasions, his kind words and sage comments often being the catalyst to a new piece.

He was a very good writer himself, his book on Kent's championship win just before the shades came down for the First World War being a particular favourite of mine. He did a blog on Kent cricket when time allowed and was a committee member of the Kent Heritage Trust, where his input and knowledge will have been valued highly.

In closing tonight, I can merely direct you to a piece he sent me when his beloved dog, Bear, passed away. Read it, smile a little and I defy you not to become a little emotional at a delightful story that exemplifies the love between one man and his dog.

Rest in peace Martin. You will be sorely missed, my friend.


knacker said...

2 things, 1) it's probably best to make sure the patient is actually dead before you commence with the post-mortem and 2) the only conclusion i can draw from this match is that cricket is one hell of a strange game

Peakfan said...

Indeed. can't help but wonder what Kent are thinking right now. Though suspect it is along the lines of 'How the heck did that happen'?
A few candidates for the inspirational performance award in that one, I think...

Anonymous said...

Today's remarkable victory has thoroughly vindicated your wise comments after Day 1, Peakfan. Congratulations on a sensible assessment of Derbyshire's current position. Your sound views make the blog worth reading.

Most judged that Derbyshire would be a force in the Championship this season. They have fine opening bowlers and some very promising young players but a small squad. Lack of form, injuries to key players and - Guptill's superb innings v Gloucs apart - very disappointing contributions from our overseas contingent are factors that any coach would find hard to counter. We should not get into the football mindset where bloggers - and owners - are ready to sack the manager as soon as results go awry.

Old Supporter

P.S. Any news of Clare?

knacker said...

And England scored over 400 in a 50 over match, cricket has a limitless capacity to surprise

Peakfan said...

He has played for the seconds but not...to my knowledge...as a bowler.I hope his recovery continues but genuinely dont know the answer to that one. Thanks for your kind words my friend...