Wednesday, 17 June 2015

T20 crunch

If we beat Leicestershire and Worcestershire in the T20s scheduled for the next two nights, Derbyshire will retain an interest in the competition. If they don't, they won't, simple as that.

There is no news on the squad yet, but expect little change as there are few alternatives. Tillakaratne Dilshan plays the first, then hands the overseas baton to Hamish Rutherford, while we welcome back Alex Hughes and welcome Will Davis to the competition.

Both opponents are beatable, but only if Derbyshire can shake the T20 monkey from their backs. They play really good cricket in the championship at times, and have showed this summer that they are learning to bowl better lines and lengths in the T20, if not yet consistently.

It is undeniable, however,  that until our batting shows greater resilience than a pack of cards in the middle order, we won't win many games. An old head coming in with four wickets down would be great for us, someone like Sean Ervine perhaps, but such a move would be for another season.

Last year we struggled in Power plays. This year we have done better, then undone all the good work by poor shot selection in the mid-section of the innings.

For now, let's hope that a poor week can be redeemed at the last. There are good enough players in the Derbyshire side to win at least one of these games.

They just need to believe it themselves.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

Only a crazy man would put money on Derbyshire winning either game!

Marc said...

I think we slipped up by not signing a second batsman for the 20/20. Rimmington has not looked anything special and to my mind it,s batsmen not bowlers who win these type of matches. We would be better off with someone coming in at four or five who is capable of injecting some power into the later overs of the innings. The most worrying aspect is we repeat the same errors time and again. If some of these players are not good enough and it,s looking increasingly obvious that is the case,then we have to try and find players who are. Our record is appalling and it is no longer acceptable to think the problem will cure itself.

Mark said...

Win one, lose one, not sure about in which order though.