Monday, 1 June 2015

Derbyshire v Gloucestershire day 2

Gloucestershire 329 (Taylor 120, Footitt 4-60, Taylor 4-89)
Derbyshire 77-2 (Godleman 30 not Dilshan 17 not

There was even less cricket at Derby than yesterday, with Derbyshire ending 252 runs behind and eight wickets in hand.

Jack Taylor completed an excellent century for the visitors, sharing a valuable ninth wicket stand of 74 with David Payne, while Mark Footitt and Tom Taylor took four wickets each. The feeling remains that they were allowed to get 75 to 100 runs more than they should have, but we will know more about that tomorrow.

The weather forecast is better for the next two days and unless Derbyshire collapse tomorrow and are forced to follow on, the likelihood is that any result will need to be contrived.

At least we would then control our destiny. The first task is to successfully navigate the morning session tomorrow and then see the lie of the land from there. A run chase on the last afternoon would doubtless be challenging, but we will cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

Billy Godleman dug in well today and Tillkaratne Dilshan remains unbeaten after a frustrating session of stop start cricket. This enabled the bowlers to remain fresh and meant the batsmen needed to play themselves in more than they would have preferred.

Hopefully we make a good fist of our innings tomorrow. We know the next four in the order are short on experience but high on talent, so hopefully one or more of them amply illustrate the latter as the game continues.

More from me tomorrow.


Marc said...

I think the chances of some agreement being reached to try to force a result are quite good. A draw is not much use to either side so it could be a case of speculate to accumulate. I have to agree with notoveryet,s observations about the use of Critchley.Or should I say lack of. It seems he is very much an afterthought and despite the fact he looks useful with the willow,I can see little point in playing him when we have potentially more useful bowlers sitting in the pavillion. I feel rather sorry for the boy,being asked to do a job he is obviously not yet ready to perform.

The real problem lies with Wainwright,who unfortunately no longer seems to offer a solution. Doubtless he will have further opportunities but unless he shows some kind of form in the near future we may have to start looking seriously at alternatives,even allowing for the fact he has a year left on his contract.

It seems we bowled poorly for most of the first day,dropped catches and paid the ultimate price for bowling wicket taking no balls. We always appear to find some way of shooting ourselves in the foot. The Gloucestershire total was built on our own failings and until we reduce the number,life will never be as easy as it might be.

Huw Lloyd said...

The Spinning conundrum at Derbyshire at the moment is I think our biggest issue.

Do we play any of our front line spinners, Wainwright who seems to be out of form, Critchley who the two captains he's played under don't seem to trust, or Tom Knight who the general consensus seems to be isn't ready after his remodelled action.

Or we make do with our part timers in Hughes, Durston and Elstone and accept that they are not going to be match winners or as economical as others.

I personally would go with Wainwright, he has performed before and as a spinner, the only way he will get his form back is by bowling and he is only going to get that by playing, and hopefuly bowling more than Critchley currently is.

Or do we have to look elsewhere and see if we can bring someone in, either on loan or permanently? Monty Panesar is not currently getting a game for Essex, if he were offered an opportunity to kick start his career further north away from any known distractions and back nearer his original home would he or Essex be interested? I certainly think he would ad something to our attack and could be a real asset.