Friday, 5 June 2015

Derbyshire v Durham T20

Durham 147-7
Derbyshire 142-9

Durham won by 5 runs

Ignoring that we were playing a good side from division one tonight, that was a woefully inept batting effort from Derbyshire.

Another very good bowling effort kept the visitors to an eminently gettable 147-7 in their twenty overs. The bowlers, at the very least, seem to have mastered the skills of this form of the game and without exception appear to have bowled well. I am also pleased to see Wes Durston rotating them regularly, never allowing the batsmen to line them up.

It was a very good effort and gave us a chance of a surprise win.

We needed a start and got one. Dilshan and Durston did well, Chesney knocked it around and Scott Elstone and the overseas pro took us to 86-2 at the halfway stage, then 106-2 after 13. Forty-two to win, a run a ball, should be easy-peasy.

What a shambles we made of the batting from there. No other word will do, to be honest and I take nothing away from the Durham bowlers in saying that it was embarrassingly predictable and worryingly followed the pattern of the last couple of games.

We scored 36 for eight in the last seven overs and when Dilshan left for a well-played 54, it became a procession. I know we are missing Wayne Madsen and Alex Hughes, both of who would be in a first choice side, but there should have been enough in the tank tonight to breeze that game.

It was undoubtedly an opportunity missed. We have some talented players at Derbyshire and they are better than this inept closing effort.

The supporters were let down tonight.


Mark said...

Anything over 140 is usually way too much for us to chase Peakfan, but that was just downright pathetic tonight. Apart from Dilshan, not one of this current crop of batsmen is capable of big scoring and especially quick scoring. Until Madsen and Hughes return, I can't see us winning another game now in this format, and the Lanky game was a very one off.

Tim, Chesterfield said...

A pathetic way to end the game. Durham were 50/1 at one point in-play for a reason. Very disheartening.

Sam said...

Having followed Derbyshire for the last 12 years that's probably the worst collapse I've seen in white ball cricket. It's difficult to single one of them out but Billy Godleman's dismissal against Pringle running past a straight one was pathetic. I said last week that we needed Hughes and/or Durston down the order to give us something at the end and I think that was proven abundantly.

There were positives, the bowling looks much better this season, and we recovered well after a bad start. Cotton has particularly impressed so far this season and Thakor in hindsight was probably underbowled. They were also rotated well by Durston, and the fielding of Tom Knight was very impressive at long on.

I don't know if anything was made of it on the radio but it didn't go unnoticed that Durham took well over 75 minutes to bowl their overs and weren't penalised. Had they have been we would have won, and apart from Dilshan requiring a bit of treatment for a minute or two there wasn't much to delay them.

Gary said...

The whole 20/20 batting approach is a shambles. We nearly threw the Lancashire game away last week and would have if they had made 20 more runs and this one takes the biscuit.
Why for instance was Poynton batting 3 last week and then down to 7 last night? Is one game enough to make a decision on a tactic?? It just make it look like there is no plan to the batting after our overseas player goes and we just make it up on the hoof (which we probably do in 20/20 by the look of our results)
Good Luck to the marketing department on trying to get a few people through the gates for the rest of the 20/20 tournament - Another chance sadly missed

Anonymous said...

Just not good enough. I thought surely last night that position we were in it would be a walk but no yet again as I've mentioned before the middle let's us down again.

This happens year in and year out. There isn't a young batsman coming through as far as I can see which is a concern. Also it is time to give young Harvey Hosein a go.


creweblade said...

went last night and have to agree it was disappointing - good crowd in too which makes it more frustrating - bowling apart from 1st 2 overs was very very good - rimmington looked good - once chesney, wes and the hugely impressive dilshan had gone we had absolutely nothing - poynton (and i didnt think he had a good game behind the stumps either), elstone and billy g (he is brilliant in 4 day stuff and to be fair did do a bit at leicester) arent great at this format. Tom knight apart from one great piece of fielding contributed nothing - didnt bowl and out first ball - shiv flatters to deceive and i thought wayne white should be coming in much higher - he and rimmington had impossible task in last over - disappointed no comment from welchy - he does go quiet sometimes - just not sure some of our players are up to it at moment - shame and need to make sure we dont fade in the season after much hype

Peakfan said...

H - Ben Slater? Plenty of young lads in the Academy doing well but they need time. Creweblade, agreed that White should have come in earlier