Sunday, 17 July 2016

Worthy of interest

Browsing idly across t'internet last night, I came across a news article that, for the first time, made me sit up and think 'He'd do us a good job'.

Phil Mustard is being released by Durham.

At 33, Mustard isn't young, but he is still a very good player and the first victim of a very necessary cost-cutting by that county. He has only been playing one-day cricket for his county, but averages in the mid-thirties in List A and T20, scoring his runs at an impressive 137 per hundred balls.

You will all know him, a player capable of giving an innings a lightning-fast start and keeping wicket very well over a number of seasons. Good enough to gain national selection a few times and with two or three good years left in him at least.

If we are perhaps looking at an overseas bowler for another year, strengthening that role with someone who offers runs would more easily enable us to do so. I remain convinced that Harvey Hosein will be a medium to long-term first choice for Derbyshire, but am equally so that at nineteen he is not yet ready for the mental demands of playing all cricket as first choice. Tom Poynton is a good keeper - there is little to choose between them - but perhaps without the scope for developing his batting that Hosein has, once he fills out a little more.

Mustard might just be perfect. Giving us an established, proven player of quality for a few seasons and affording Hosein the opportunity to develop at his own rate. It will all come down to finance and the article suggested that he was not short of offers, but it would work.

Another that I spotted was an excellent player at Northamptonshire, Adam Rossington.

He is out of contract at the end of the season and doesn't always get to keep wicket because of the excellent form of  Ben Duckett. At 23, Rossington, who started out at Middlesex, is very good at both disciplines and would be a wonderful addition to our squad; a powerful, hard-hitting batsman who already has four centuries to his name.

By the same token, the vultures of the county circuit are circling around the talented Duckett and were he to leave, his county would doubtless do all they can to keep Rossington. Their parlous financial situation may make competing with better offers elsewhere problematic though. 

Of the two, my preference would be Rossington, but the interest in both would be high. I have no doubt, however, that we could sell the club to either and relocation wouldn't be the major issue that it might be elsewhere.

Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Peakfan is TP going to be here next season? I find this a strange article to write if so...maybe you know something we don't (yet).
It's not an Internet article written about an opening batsman or a spinner that's caught your eye. The point being; why would this be of such interest if TP was hanging around? He's 7 years younger than Mustard.


Peakfan said...

To use a phrase from the old 'Hogan's Heroes' TV series - I know nothing.
Yet the bottom line is that NO role in the side should be sacrosanct. If there is someone who could do a better job than current incumbents in any position of the side, we need to pursue them.
It is a role that I have already commented upon in recent weeks where there is room for improvement. If that can be achieved within the club, then it is great. No one would be happier than I to see a home-reared keeper producing the goods and I would acknowledge accordingly.
It hasn't happened yet, though. So plan B, in my opinion, needs looked at.
I don't think anyone would say that, at least in the short term, those players wouldn't improve the side?
So no different than suggesting a player for any other role!

Adam said...

Interesting article, the wicketkeeping situation needs looking at. Harvey has kept very well since his recall (his only real poor moment came against Sri Lanka A) but there does appear to be little confidence shown in his batting. He has been as low as number eleven recently and we will see how he fares with the bat in what hopefully well be an extended run of championship games for him.

I agree that Rossington would be a possible target - I see no harm in having two young keepers fight it out. Looking at Rossington's stats, they are most impressive (first class average 36 and limited overs average 31) and taking into account his age (23) he would potentially fit into our side perfectly. He is an aggressive batsman as well, something I think we sorely lack at times, he ticks a lot of boxes for the kind of player we are looking for so I see no reason why we would not be interested!

Tim, Chesterfield said...

Funny you should bring Mustard up. I was thinking exactly the same recently and didn't know he was being released. Great minds and all that...