Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Derbyshire v Northamptonshire day 2

No play

No need to go over old ground here, but it looks increasingly likely that the festival will be a wash out, which is such a shame for all concerned.

The club is looking at switching the Sunday T20 against Yorkshire to Derby, which would be a shame but hardly setting a precedent. It makes sense on most levels, unless it rains, of course..

One point on the ground staff and Saturday - there is only so much that they can do on a day when it is raining. Once the ground is as covered as it can be, they have to wait until it relents  to get to work. On the Sunday, as Creweblade points out, when you see the water table so high experienced personnel know that it is a limitation exercise only - and when you have sodden turf, the last thing it needs is people tramping all over it and turning it to mud.

They are experienced, talented people and to suggest that we know better than them is disrespectful. No matter how talented the surgeon, sometimes the patient dies; no matter how good the ground personnel, there's times the show can't go on.

Later tonight I will tell you about my week next week, but for now, a cricket, as opposed to weather observation for you.

At Derby today, Derbyshire seconds started a three-day game against Worcestershire, who have a decent side out with several bowlers of first team experience.

At the close, we are 418-3, Alex Hughes making 118 and Tom Wood, who regulars will know I have been suggesting for a trial, 186 not out.

Jon Tattersall, Charles MacDonell and TomWood. Three very good young batsmen trialing with us and all doing well. MacDonell has had a century and two not outs so far and appears to be a young player of serious potential.

Yet Wood, who has already shown for the Unicorns this summer that he can biff it around against good bowlers, has now proven that he's not just a slogger and might be the best of them all.

I look forward to seeing all of them, hopefully, next Monday and Tuesday at Denby. My book launch week hasn't much first team cricket, but there's much to enjoy in the cricket of the younger lads and I will pop along for a while on at least a part of the first two days.

I'm looking forward to it!

Please let the sun shine...


Peakfan said...

Not posted a couple here guys..I dont let people tell me how to do my job and dont tell others how to do theirs.

No more comments on what groundstaff could have done. Unless you have done it you don't know...

Nor hearsay or supposition. I hear a lot when I walk around the ground and 95% is made up...possibly more!

Mark said...

Well I think it's pathetic that at the time of having one of the best spells of summer so far, the game looks like being abandoned without a ball being bowled. Rip Chesterfield as a beautiful cricket venue, can't see it being used at all next season.

creweblade said...

went to members forum in ale tent at chessie today (free real ale as brampton brewery only throwing it away) after watching two bowlers run on the lake end run ups before it was called off again. to be fair about 12 members present and they took us on pitch and it was clearly unfit - was like walking on a sponge!
Few things from forum:
1, moving Sunday match to Derby to give best chance of play in T20 v Yorkies
2, they have been astonished how slowly chessie ground is drying out (or not) - water table must be very high
3, admitted communications on sunday especially could and should have been much better especially to explain lack of activity on the ground by groundstaff (ie it wouldnt have helped)
4, are committed to chessie as a festival and further 4 years left on deal with council
5, few mumurings round members benefits being eroded - said they would look at (comparisons to notts members made)
6, question asked if could offer discounts to members at next years ladies world cup - again said would look at
7, lancs t20 game on wed next week is on sky
8, legal rep gave brief speech outlining his role - club are covered by insurance for loss of northants t20 and first 2 days of 4 day game

Peakfan said...

Thank you for the update Creweblade..very interesting! Think that answers your question Mark...there's been matches rained off before mate..