Sunday, 24 July 2016

Cork back in consultancy role

Interesting news breaking today in that club legend Dominic Cork is with the side at Welbeck for the game against Nottinghamshire.

Cork will be working under John Sadler on an occasional consultancy basis over the next few weeks and, of course, brings a lot of experience with him into the role. Not to mention his expertise and personality, which brought a never-say-die attitude into the Derbyshire dressing room of the time and makes him one of the most listenable commentators and experts on television.

No problem whatsoever on on this one, as long as Sadler gets to make the decisions and calls on Cork and anyone else required for advice, as and when required.

It is, in fact a sound move and having someone of such reputation, both on and off the pitch, involved in the club is good thinking.

We have got to an exciting position in both one-day competitions and any little extra that we can bring in to get a few per cent more from the players and team can only be seen as a positive and worthwhile move.

Thumbs up from me.


P Fitzpatrick said...

Not sure on this one
If I was Sadler I would watch my back and freshen up the CV
Messrs Cork and Barnett have previous when it comes to Coaches
Stillman Wells and Hayhurst
Hope I am wrong !

Knack said...

I take it you don't know him Steve.

Peakfan said...

No. Of him, yes. I give people benefit of doubt when it is realistic and assume that some of the fractious issues of the past came from the naivety of youth.
I hope so and assume we have people of sufficient nous at the club to keep an eye on things should the need arise.

Knack said...

Being totally self absorbed can work in a nominal team sport like cricket, if the individual succeeds , usually, so does the team. Coaching on the other hand is collaborative and requires a empathetic skill set. I am not sure that he possesses either of those qualities, in fact I know he doesn't.

Peakfan said...

You know this how, Knack? By playing with him? Could he not have matured/changed?

Knack said...

If matured means "got older". Let's see, if I am proved wrong I promise to eat Paddy Ashdowns hat.

Roy of the Falcons said...

Dominic is carving out a very successful media career which I am sure will eventually pay far better than coaching Derbyshire. I agree with you Peakfan lets take this at face value after all Dominic's media work has allowed him to see lots of white ball cricket.