Friday, 8 July 2016

Leicestershire v Derbyshire T20

Derbyshire 158 all out (Broom 59, Neesham 45)

Leicestershire 164-1 (Pettini 71 not, Cosgrove 52, Delport 38 not)

Leicestershire won by nine wickets

A somewhat limp effort from Derbyshire tonight threw their hopes of T20 qualification into the bin marked 'unlikely', with tough games against Yorkshire (aka England B) and a much-improved Lancashire in the next five days.

While we have played a better quality of cricket this year in the competition, it is beyond doubt that we chase a total a heck of a lot better than we set one. We don't handle the Powerplay well batting first and the mentality, with a long batting order, seems to be 'if I get out, someone will get the runs'.

Except it hasn't worked that way. While Neil Broom and Jimmy Neesham played good knocks tonight, neither was sufficient to suggest that we were anywhere close to a total that we could defend. Partnerships win these games and there simply wasn't one of sufficient longevity.

Fair play to the home side. They bowled cannily and their batsmen simply destroyed our young attack on the night, in a total reversal of the game at the 3aaa County Ground.

It makes Sunday against Yorkshire a huge game and one where we need to do much better to win.

The frustrating thing is that we can - but most likely only if we bat second...


Doug said...

Certainly made the decision not to go down to Derby for the re-arranged game against the "puddings" much easier.

Mark said...

Absolute rubbish, just like the rest of our season.

Anonymous said...

Very poor indeed. Do you think we will ever progress in this competition?

Peakfan said...

Seriously Mark? You can't see improvement? I am staggered...

Nic H said...

Absolute disgrace peakfan

Doug said...

Although Mark is slightly overreacting I don't think it is that staggering

The sign of progress is a bit thin on the ground....

We have been on top in the last couple of 4 day games for the first time since day 1 of the season. The 20/20 could end up just as bad as last season and little has changed if Durston fails, we fail. The only hope is the 1 day stuff and we have been there in previous seasons. So in material success Mark is probably correct, albeit a little bit premature.

On the recruitment from it has hardly been a rip snorting suceess. Carter consigned to the 20/20 bin as well as the 4 day bin. All the kiwis misfiring to some extent and Fat Fletch sent back across the border early from his loan period.

Alhough it is not too late to save the season time is ticking. The only improvements I can see is more consistent scoring at the top of the order. How much has the placid wickets got to do with that? Improvement in Thackor's performance, Cotton showing a little bit of improvement and early promise from Davis . Just about everything else is going backwards.

Paul Fitzpatrick said...

If we win 2 out of 4 in 50 over format we should make Q/F
We will struggle to take 20 wickets in Championship ( no spinner /no strike bowler)so wooden spoon imminent
To be fair batting is reasonable ( NZ's need to step up)
T20 as per par for the course
Do not replace Welch/Botha and recycle the labour cost on 2 bowlers
2 TV games v Lancy .Need to front up or pundits will be talking about too much cricket / franchises etc
In my opinion 3 players short of a competitive side (Pace, Spin, Overseas)

Mark said...

I'm talking about the four day game Peakfan, the bread and butter. Sure there's been a slight improvement since Welch departed but the facts stare us all in the face, and that win column reads no wins, that is rubbish. Several individuals have improved Thakor being the stand out one, but as a team it hasn't happened again.

I do believe with the right coach in place we could be a really good side, so after the season ends a big decision needs to be made about our next leader. I don't think Sadler is the answer long term.

jasper said...

Carter had a problem with his back so not quite consigned to the "20/20 bin"

The kiwis have been disappointing though and therein lies the problem. A young inexperienced team needs greater input from their overseas and kolpak.