Saturday, 30 July 2016

Northamptonshire v Derbyshire RLODC - Neesham in squad

Derbyshire travel to Wantage Road tomorrow for the first of two weekend fifty-over games that will decide their season. Win them both and we qualify for the quarter-finals that looked likely at the halfway stage. Win one and it will come down to net run rate.

Lose them both? Let's not consider that just now...

Having said that, John Sadler will have had to work to pick the side up after the last two defeats. As it happens, tomorrow's game is against a side that has had a very thin squad all summer and has patched up their players for the past few weeks. They have also heard today that highly-rated seamer Olly Stone is going to be playing at Warwickshire next summer, with several other players being keenly pursued by an array of suitors. Such is the lot of one of the game's poorer counties, but they have done astonishingly well this summer, especially in the one-day game.

No news on their side as yet, but it will be top heavy with powerful batsmen who, unless we bowl with discipline, will be setting us 300-plus. As for our team, the big news is that Hamish Rutherford has been replaced by Jimmy Neesham 'to provide additional bowling options'. It is a sensible move and means that if Wes Durston isn't fit to bowl, we have more than a straight five bowlers that limited us against Lancashire.

Our squad:

Wes Durston
Billy Godleman
Ben Slater
Chesney Hughes
Jimmy Neesham
Wayne Madsen
Neil Broom
Shiv Thakor
Alex Hughes
Alex Mellor
Matt Critchley
Tony Palladino
Ben Cotton
Will Davis

Neil Broom's return to form last night was welcome. A big game from him and Neesham would make such a difference.

I can't call this one, so won't.

Just go out and do us proud, lads.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

I'm going to play it safe and expect defeat. Anything else is then a bonus.

Knack said...

I would have dropped Durston and made Alex Hughes captain.

Sam said...

Not entirely sure I understand the reasons for picking Neesham. If he plays as an extra bowling option, then he or Thakor have to bat at 5, at least 1 or 2 places too high for either of them. If he replaces one of the 3 main bowlers then he's not an 'extra' option, and I don't think in any given game he'd likely do better than Palladino or Cotton anyway! Perhaps they're planning to drop Mellor and give Madsen the gloves, a move that would be fraught with danger in a must win game.

I think Broom and Chesney need to come back into the side, and if Durston plays he has to bat 3 at the lowest. Overall I think there's a lot of muddled thinking which I fear will manifest itself in the performance. If they're really that worried about lack of bowling options then Madsen himself should be given a few overs

Paul Fitzpatrick said...

Obviously the view is that we need to knock over Northants top order to have any chance of winning ( they have scored heavily in this format) Based on that logic Davis also has to play .. Durston ,Palladino and Critchley stand down for me.Alex to skipper .....Neesham Cotton Davis Thakor Hughes Madsen and Hughes to bowl and we bat down to 9
Current Consultant record 0/3 lets hope the next 2 days reverses the trend .. A win today and we wipe out at least 3 clubs!

Nic H said...

Some odd stuff for me on selections and batting order. Wes at 7 behind Mellor? Rutherford dropped for neesham who bats at 9. 272 a touch below par but fingers crossed. Win or lose some debatable points dont you agree? Well batted slats an outstanding contribution that has given us a chance.

Peakfan said...

The score centres got it wrong Nic...Neesham not Mellor batted six. Needed 300 on that wicket and will be soundly beaten I fear

Paul Fitzpatrick said...

40 runs short and in the absence of early wickets should be done before 44th over !
I would expect a full appraisal of the situation and Sadler to apply for his job in September
Sad to see Jamie Pipe move on , now there is someone who can wear the "Elite " badge

Nic H said...

10 years of frustration peakfan. It really hurts.

Anonymous said...

Bowling attack just not good enough, Derbyshire don`t look like taking wickets with this attack, in any format and especially don`t look like taking 20 wickets in a championship match. surely a overseas strike bowling is a must for us next season ?

King Sinbad.

Doug said...

Playing around with the lineup and batting order changes is a sign of desperation nothing more.

Lets hope for forecasted rain tomorrow night, otherwise we could be holding the wooden spoon aloft in 2 out of 3 competitions this year

jasper said...

Need to win and warwickshire and durham to lose... and no rain..

notoveryet said...

The equation we need to qualify isn't that unlikely. Durham rarely win away from Chester-Le-Street, and Yorkshire should beat Warwickshire unless they rest players in certainty of qualifying. Our net run-rate is already far superior to Durham's, so there's a fair chance that all we will need to do is beat Leicestershire. That's actually the most unlikely part of the scenario even without considering the weather. Leics will be flying after they beat Notts yesterday with a very inexperienced team, and hammered Lancs last week. We are going to be at the lowest ebb possible. The team's body language for the last 20 overs at Northampton, Ben Slater's heartbreaking interview from last night, and John Sadler's helpless interview tells you that the heart and belief has gone from this team. Perhaps a master motivator might get them up again for this game, but I don't think we have one of those.

notoveryet said...

Correction to previous comment. Where points level, first consideration is number of wins, so only chance is Notts and Worcs tie or no result, we win by a landslide. Why, then are we batting first. With the weather forecast surely the only way of getting a quick and big win was to bowl first and bowl them out?