Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Derbyshire v Lancashire RLODC

Lancashire 281-8 (Livingstone 98, Croft 68, Cotton 3-62)

Derbyshire 254-9 (Godleman 91, Rutherford 47)

Lancashire won by 27 runs

Irrespective of what happens in the last two games, Derbyshire's players will look at this as the one that got away. Or more to the point, was given away.

Putting not too fine a point on it, we should have breezed that. We needed 168 from 28 overs when Hamish Rutherford perished to a poor shot, then 105 in 15 when Wayne Madsen, most uncharacteristically, did the same after almost being out in the same place the ball before. When Billy Godleman effectively yorked himself, the writing was on the wall.

The normally classical Shiv Thakor played a village green shot and while Alex Hughes was a little unlucky, his hand was forced by that stage.

In any T20, if you needed 105 in fifteen overs with seven wickets in hand (I discount the injured Hosein) you would fancy your chances. We may pay the ultimate penalty for our profligacy when the qualifying places are being sorted.

I wasn't impressed by Wes Durston tonight. The slow bowlers were hard to get away, yet he didn't bowl, while he looked leaden-footed and awkward at the crease. If he wasn't fit enough to bowl, he shouldn't have played, as Chesney could have done the same job while Alex Hughes skippered the side. Not a good night for the skipper, I'm afraid.

It was all a shame for Harvey Hosein and his fractured thumb will rule him out for several weeks and require a quick search of available replacements. It was also hard luck on Billy Godleman, who played a fine hand and timed the ball as well as anyone on a surface where the ball never seemed to come on to the bat as they would have wished.

More to the point, it was a shame for the club, because they threw away a gilt-edged opportunity to get two points in a game they worked hard to win, but ultimately threw away like we did in some of the bad old days.

More from me tomorrow.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

Very disappointing. The senior players let us down I'm afraid and if ever one game summed up what Derbyshire are about, and what we as supporters see time after time, it was tonight.

Mark said...

Spineless yet again Peakfan. The story of the season throwing away games that look impossible to lose, but this is Derbyshire after all. Poor bowling and pathetic middle order batting after Godleman and Rutherford had laid the foundations for what should've been a comfortable win. Madsen and Durston are the batsmen to blame the most, what were they thinking just blocking balls and going for singles, when at that point the run rate was climbing all the time.

A major clear out has to happen this summer far too much dead wood in this squad. And we'll lose these next two games.

Martin Edwards said...

Right on all counts, unfortunately. I thought we were very professional for 85 overs, but the last 15 overs were grim. Very sorry for Billy Godleman,and of course for Harvey Hosein.

Doug said...

Please can we drop the "shire" from "Derbyshire" and get back to what those 'SKY" "********" call us, "*****"

That was pathetic.

Were any of the good people of "*****" left in the ground 10 overs from the end, couldn't see many

Shocking, horrible, defeat against a bunch of complete no hopers.

Shaun said...

I fear the Durston era is now finished. Time to put Alex in as Captain and build a team around him. He is very tactically savvy and his own performance is impressive. Time catches up with players and Durston (and Peterson of Lancashire) showed that in this match. This really was a match that should have been easily won, especially with an innings as good as Godleman's but once again it was literally thrown away.You can feel the utter frustration and despair in the comments of supporters, who genuinely know that we have the ability but success always seems to elude us.

Tim, Chesterfield said...

I only saw our innings after getting in from work & I'm afraid to say all round it was poorest quality televised match I think I've ever seen. Women's games included. Poor batting, abysmal running between the wickets, shocking run out attempts.

Lancashire are not a good side either.

John said...

I hate to say I told you so PF but there was good reasons for doing so.....

In plain and simple terms this was nothing to do with youngsters or inexperience last night we lost a game of cricket in true DCCC style and the three to blame were

Billy Godleman
Wayne Madsen
Hamish Rutherford

Godleman - played some terrific shots, classic cover driving and off the back foot he then proceeded to play with intelligence and guile until he played a shot when in ghe nineties that was both bad and uneccesary. All that work for nothing. He may as well have had a good old heave from the start, because and quite simply PF this is a fact. You need to see the game out and be there at the end we had loads of time left and if he had played correctly he would have been there at the end.
Harsh for somebody who got ninety odd? Not at all because unless you see it through you are as guilty as getting 0 because the outcome is still the same HE FAILED

Madsen - ok he was not at his brilliant best but a 70% Madsen in till the end would have been enough. He played asimlar shot the ball before Nd got away with it. The greats ( who all make mistakes) would have walked to mid wicket, had a word and played the next ball on its merits probably along the floor for a single and the composure returns, but no he plays the exact same shot and gets caught out. An ex Captain and pivitol to us ina run chase FAILED

Rutherford - I dint know where to start with this guy PF. Has the talent, no doubt, The shots, without a question. But what is the point if you have next to no cricket brain. I have seen this guy literally throw away his wicket. Perhaps that is why ho flirted with New Zealand but has never held down a place. All the talent in the world but just cannot manage an innings if his life depended on it. When I watch him you just know he is going to do something daft and last night he did just that. Simlar to Madsen played a shot got away with it had his boundry for the over and a great of the game would just have then nudged a couple and got 7/8 off the over and protected his wicket. But not this guy. He needs to move on PF or really knuckle down and work at his attitude.

Sorry to ramble but even you would find it hard to disagree I think. These are the cold hard facts PF. We all want DCCC to be successful but this has to stop and stop now. I was so angry last night watching us chuck away yet another game we should have won. Well done to HH batting with one hand showed guts (and talent)

We need a coach for next season with a will to win like no other, a proven coach who knows how to win.

I dont mind losing to the better team its going to happen, but lets stop getting ourselves into a winning position and just folding like a pack of cards over and over again.

Im sick of it PF really sick of it.

Had enough of not good enough!!!!!!!


John said...

Oh and one more thing which wont cost a fortune that we could start changing now..........

Our running between the wickets is a disgrace. Time and time this season we have run one when with aggresive correct running we could have run two and two when we should have run three.


Peakfan said...

Hard to argue with any of the above and I won't.

What shines through is people's passion for the club and desire to see it do well.

It was just so dreadfully disappointing

John said...

Im sure PF that people think because its only 'little Derbyshire' then it does not really matter.!!!!

Well it does it really really does !

Doug said...

Agree about Durston. Something is badly wrong that he isn't bowling in circumstances you would expect

I wouldn't be surprised if he was another one to call it a day

Richard Mather said...

Richard in Winchester said:

Let's take heart, or at least try to.
The players who flopped against Lancashire are professionals and will feel the defeat keenly.
We've seen already this season the one-day side has it in itself to beat the best. They'll want to put matters right, starting tonight, and progress in both one-day competitions.
It's a matter of self-belief and keeping a cool head under pressure, as much as anything else.
While I'm here, I'd also like to say Alex Hughes would make an excellent one-day captain next season.
He's a shrewd, imaginative and seems popular with his team-mates.

Peakfan said...

Dead right Winchester and Alex Hughes as one day skipper is a bold and correct winter move for me

Peakfan said...

Sorry Richard in Winchester! Good to hear from you and keep in touch