Sunday, 10 July 2016

Derbyshire v Yorkshire T20

Yorkshire 166-6  (Williamson 65, Durston 2-17)

Derbyshire 165-8 (Rutherford 44, Broom 37, Hughes 35)

Yorkshire won by one run

I can't say too much about today's game, as I was following the game on Twitter as I stopped en route down here. When I saw the result of the toss, I thought we had a chance and after Yorkshire got off to a flier I was pleased to see we had kept them to 166 - one we had a chance with.

The early loss of Wes seems to knock us back and  although the Kiwis did OK again, we never seemed to be ahead of the game and we needed someone to play the match-winning innings that didn't materialise.

Two sixes for Chesney that took us past 150 with two overs to go should have seen us win. Seventeen off two overs with six wickets in hand really should see a batting side win, but Willey and Rafiq bowled tight overs and we ended one short, despite Matt Critchley's last-ball six.

One small criticism from a distant supporter perspective - the end of the game wasn't well covered on Twitter. We knew it was 13 off the over, and that we lost a wicket to the third and fifth balls from the tweets, but the score wasn't given until the end of the innings and Critchley's six wasn't mentioned.

Room for improvement there. Same as with the team, really. We ran a very good side as close as you can get - but at the end of it all, it counted for nothing, points-wise.

Lancashire on Wednesday is last-chance saloon now - and there is no margin for error now.

I look forward to your observations on the game and hope to see a few people on Wednesday.

Postscript - please do try and come along to Chesterfield Library tomorrow night for the launch of my book 'In Their Own Words.' Tickets are still available and can be reserved by calling 01629 533400.

Some fine names are in attendance and a good night should be had by all.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

Is it ticket only tomorrow? Be a late decision for me if I'm able to go....

It's that or the mountain or ironing I'm doing my best to ignore.

Doug said...

How did we throw that away, very similar to last seasons failures

Anyway I have spotted a typo in your article, re: next 20/20. "last chance saloon" should read "no chance saloon".

Who thinks finishing above Leicestershire will be progress? The next clash against them will be crucial.

Sam said...

Made for frustrating watching this one, mainly because we're making the same errors game on game. Yet again Matt Critchley bowled 3 very good overs, and then didn't have a fourth! This hasn't been an isolated incident over the competition, and when Neesham and Carter bowl 4 at over 10 an over, questions have to be asked about whether we're adaptable enough, and whether the captain trusts Critchley.

This came even more to the fore when Lees called on Rafiq, ahead of his England seam bowling colleagues who'd taken similar tap to Neesham and Carter, to bowl overs 18 and 20, which ultimately won them the game. In the final analysis we sent down 7 overs of spin for 34, the seamers 13 for 127, yorkshire 8 and 12 at a similar rate, and I think that cost us dearly.

Positives included Durston's bowling, which we've missed over the competition, Hosein's excellent keeping including a diving catch early on, and Rutherford hit some lusty blows in the power play without going on to get the big score. I think qualification is now beyond us, as I don't think 14 points will be enough, a pity as the side was good enough if we'd been a bit more savvy at times

Gary said...

Think Sam correct game managment is still quite bit off. I can remeber last season there was a few games similar where we didn't manage the game well. I think we have the team to be a good competive side in the 20/20. I find to be honest if you look over years at 20/20 overseas very hit or miss. I would still go again for another allrounder who can hit big but also can bowl 4 overs.

Think now is time to give some Academy players a taste of 1st team 20/20 cricket. We need to give critchley 19th or 20th over only way he will learn and progress in pressure situations. He may get hit for 20 off over but even greats like warne would exprienced time to time.

CJT said...

For me, Chesney has to win us that game. He was the man set and he gets out. I appreciate he didn't get out deliberately, but we needed a bit of nous. Once he went, scoreboard pressure on men just coming in took it's toll.

However, again we've run a good side very close. As much as losing by one run hurts and is frustrating, I'd rather get than close than lose by 50.

It IS progress, but sometimes it seems like real baby steps.

Onwards and upwards - come of you Falcons!

Shaun said...

Alex Hughes is tactically more astute than Wes and should be made Captain for T20 and One Day Cup next year, in my view. We are still lightweight in all competitions and at present not looking as if that will change. I have suggested one possible change but would be very interested in the rational views of others. Obviosly personnel could or indeed will change but how could we better use what we have at present?