Saturday, 18 June 2016

Yorkshire v Derbyshire preview

Jonathan Bairstow, Gary Ballance, Tim Bresnan, Karl Carver, Ben Coad, Alex Lees, Adam Lyth, Steven Patterson, Liam Plunkett, Azeem Rafiq, Joe Root, David Willey, Kane Williamson.

There's nine internationals in that Yorkshire squad that will play Derbyshire at Headingley tomorrow. That's how worried they are about the Falcons...

OK, for the benefit of new readers tuning in, I jest, but the presence of the Yorkie's England men in this one will make it a formidable task for Derbyshire. Whether you like it or not (I'd reckon most of the latter are down south...) they are the strongest club in the country at the moment. The men outside that side - Leaning, Sidebottom, Hodd, Rhodes, Brookes etc - tell of their strength and it is a very tough game for our lads tomorrow.

Realistically, we shouldn't be coming home with the points, so we should look at this as a benchmark of our team against the very best, to see how far we have come and how far we have yet to go. That we took a strong Warwickshire side to the last ball last night speaks volumes for progress. It was a game that we would have lost easily a couple of seasons ago, yet that same young attack that has been winning matches took a strong side to the last ball and could very easily have won.

As was pointed out earlier today by Adam, the toss played a factor, together with the only big innings of the match by Ian Bell. Had either of them gone the other way, the result could well have been different.

Of course, that's what your big players are for. They like to do their stuff when they play for their counties and that's why we are looking down a barrel tomorrow. Yet in saying that, there's again no disgrace in defeat and every chance to spring a shock. It's the cricket equivalent of the FA Cup third round and let's give them a damn good game. At the end of the day, they can only use one bat and bowl one ball.

It is a day when our bigger names and experienced men need to deliver, while the young guns can build a reputation.  As I write there is no news on the availability of Wes Durston, but his inclusion at the top of the order makes a huge difference to our Powerplay efforts. He'll not be risked if not fit though, so it comes down to whether Billy Godleman is deemed a better bet than Ben Slater to open, or we include the extra seamer in Ben Cotton.

Fingers crossed for a strong and fearless performance.

Win or lose, if we produce that there can be no complaints.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

If we are happy with the bowling options I'd prefer one of Elstone, Wood or the lad from Yorkshire we've had on trial before I'd choose Billy G in this format.

Anonymous said...

Big names but Yorkies have no 2020 pedigree as a team.....

Peakfan said...

True, Anon, though if they could field that squad regularly they would have! The trick is to play them when the England games are on for best chance!

Gary said...

It was great to see such a strong Yorkshire team. I think with test cricket its rare to get everyone available for selection. Derbyshire did play well and could been different story if LBW was given before going off for rain. I do think with 20/20 the toss has been huge mainly because of weather. It also key as team setting a score to start quick and in the last two games Derbyshire have struggled. I hope that when Wes is back we start with him and Hughes as think this Derbyshire best chance of winning a game from batting 1st. I still think John Sadler not sure best opening combination. I think you can take quite few positive from the last two games.

I do think the Cricket fixtures need reviewing. It maybe me but I just can't get into one format and swap the next day and swap again. It doesn't seem to flow atall. How can 20/20 specialist settle into his game? In championship you may hit hundred next game you playing 20/20 must be nightmare for players to find form and preform to the best.

Suggestion - 20/20 is golden goose for makes money for counties alongside ECB money. I would make all England International 20/20 available this will attract more players and more sponsors if teams like Yorkshire can field 8 internationals. Is there cap at moment on Overseas of 2 at moment? I would play all cricket in massive block from Late May have it Three day week Wed, Fri and Sunday. I would also have rule where you have to have 2 players who are homegrown and under 21. It would surely help alot players to play in pressure situations

The Championship I love and is my favorite format by long way. I do think last couple season its been rather dull some sessions when listen or watching. I think intensity compared to test cricket has gone and is needed to attract people. I think game needs radical change to make it lot better. I would do format similar to Rugby league and make county championship halfway through becoming a knock out. I know for sure the intensity will be different. Please don't ask me how you would do it!

Then have smaller groups for 50 over but have more of knockout format with Lord final. I can remember the excitement of B/H and I would put University and minor cricket teams in. I would also design a competition where there a National Club county team in. i really believe they need to change domestic games as my experience this season isn't good one.

Anyway we see what ECB decides over next few years

Peakfan said...

Very good, thought provoking comment Gary. Great to see. Yes there is an overseas cap at two just now. Your ideas aee interesting and I will pick up on them when I have more time. Currently at Glasgow Airport...