Saturday, 11 June 2016

Derbyshire v Yorkshire preview

I expect more of the same from Derbyshire tomorrow, at Queens Park in Chesterfield.

A committed display is essential against a strong Yorkshire eleven that has been strengthened by the arrival of Kane Williamson, for me one of the top three batsmen in the world (with Joe Root and Steven Smith, since you're asking...)

There's no Rich Pyrah, who usually turned matches against us into a passable impression of Garfield Sobers, but it will be a side chock-full of talent and will take a Derbyshire side at its best to get the right result.

I don't see a change from the game at Derby against Durham, unless Chesney comes back in ahead of Billy Godleman or Ben Slater. I'm not sure how John Sadler could do that though, given they enjoyed a century stand in that game. Billy has a good record in this competition and Ben can surely not be omitted after a ton - and before a game on his home patch?

As for Yorkshire, they have named the following squad:

Ballance, Bresnan, Carver, Coad, Hodd, Leaning, Lees (captain), Lyth, Patterson, Plunkett, Rashid, Rhodes, Willey, Williamson.

Their batting has been a concern in one-day cricket, which is surprising given the talent in there. The grumbles from 'oop north' are getting louder that they dominate the long format but struggle in the shorter ones  - much like in the 1960s, when the county's dominance in the County Championship was at odds with their comparative struggles in the Gillette Cup and John Player League.

It is hardly a crisis though and is more indicative of an intolerant fan-base, a little spoiled by success.
It will be a big crowd and I hope the occasion is matched by the weather - and a cracking game of cricket ensues...with the right result, of course!

Elsewhere, the Derbyshire board will meet this coming week to discuss the coaching role and how they wish to fill it. I am certain that they will look at the structure, given this is the time to do so and look at what is needed to take things forward.

I'd still be inclined to wait and see how John Sadler goes with the role, given the hectic schedules at present. The recurring name appears to be Chris Adams, though I have also had Peter Moores and Alan Butcher mentioned in emails. I have no issue with any of them and think Adams in particular could do a good job, if we can lure him back to his home county. He has twice accepted jobs (Yorkshire and Ireland) and then thought about it and said no, so there's something to be aware of there, but 'Grizz' would be my choice if John Sadler was deemed too inexperienced at this stage.

Going back to my suggestion last week of a player to 'do a Barlow' and take Derbyshire out on to the field, however, here's a left field and topical suggestion for you for another year.

What about Andrew Gale?

Widely regarded as an outstanding captain, yet largely playing only four-day cricket now, at 32 he has time and talent for fresh challenges and could, in my humble opinion, form an intriguing, all-Yorkie partnership with John Sadler. His current contract expires in December (with a one-year option) and who better to lead a young team than a tough captain who has trophies to his name?

I know he has off-field interests, but the geography might work and a fresh challenge might be worthy of his consideration. If we were to switch our overseas focus to a bowler for next summer, having a batsman of established reputation to step in would be no bad thing.

Thoughts? From Yorkshire or from Derbyshire...?

Finally today, in a wide-ranging blog that should attract plenty of comment, I see Tom Wood racked up another unbeaten century for the Unicorns yesterday, this time an unbeaten 105 against Leicestershire Seconds, before the rains came.

If I was in charge of Derbyshire, I'd go and pick the lad up to have an extended look at him. For all the batting is going well right now, succession planning is key to any good organisation and we should be giving him a game or two before the summer ends, to make an informed decision on his ability.

Whether we saw him last year or two years ago is irrelevant, and much happens in that timescale. 'Roons are roons' to quote Geoffrey Boycott and his record over the past eighteen months brooks no argument.

That's enough from me for now - as always, I look forward to your thoughts!


Adam said...

Excellent piece, Andrew Gale, that's an interesting call! I agree that I would be inclined to give John Sadler a serious look. The one thing that I am glad at is that the club will look at the coaching set up and the potential new coaching structure in a professional manner. I know that in the past that this was not always the case when it came to selecting a new coach when sometimes connections counted more than picking the best person for the role. The off field management do sometimes get some criticism but we have never been more organised in this respect than ever before.

Tom Wood will surely get another look, I know that you cannot always read too much into second eleven scores as the standard varies according to who is available, quality of trialists, quality of the wicket etc. However, I agree that after putting so much work into his game in the last year, going to Australia and playing with the Unicorns that he is worth a look again.

If the weather holds up tomorrow we stand a good chance against Yorkshire and we can hopefully continue to build on our recent victories.

Gary said...

I have tried to think what should the board be doing going forward. It isn't good for the player having future of club hanging over them while playing. I would personally announce John Sadler and somone else who John wants to partner with till the end of season. This gives us a chance to look at possibilties without rushing the process.

I really think club need to decide what aims of the club next year, 3 years and 5 years. It has been for long time to be a Divison 1 team. This was achived before we could have proper structure in place. Early success in the plan cost us as we hadn't got long term structure in place back when we did have sucess. Looking at Derbyshire squad of players it looks like we got bigger one day squad to pick from compared to county championship. I persoanlly would put a plan of goal short term to have success in limited overs game and in long term get Division 1 championship back at county ground. Goals also need be set for acadmy players become 1st team capped players and set a quota. A county like Derbyshire need to grow home grown players as we never compete with big teams. I think the way team like Glamgon getting in lots kopeck players is short term. I am not saying we shouldn't get a Kopack player but they need to offer a real difference.

My last point is we should look at county championship and see as opportunity to give youngester a chance now. How will Crichley learn by bowling 10 overs you can't cotton wool players they need to be put in pressure situations. We also have to remeber that the club gets money for playing young so surley take advantage of this. You may thinking getting rid Hamish Ruderford and bring in bowler will strength the balance of team next season but im conviced Hamish will come good in 20/20 and One day. A suggestion maybe employ Hamish with a bowler for the Championship matches. This is become more common now to have more one overseas in a season. I just think last season it wasn't cost effective and signing of Dishlan was obvious before coming to Derbyshire. We need more overseas who needs to prove himself on englsih soil who got hunger to do well.

Adam said...

Some good points Gary, I think in terms of plans I would not bother with any. I was reading/listening to an interview the other day (I forget which coach it was) and they were talking about how having a grand plan is unnecessary. They said quite simply if you can try and get the best out of every single player then that is the best that you can do as a coach and results and performances will hopefully reflect this. Sport is like life, events will happen that you cannot plan for, so why bother with a plan?

I agree with you regarding kolpak players, county cricket is heavily funded by the ECB and we have an obligation to try and produce England players in return for this. We all want positive results for our county but it is a tight line that we walk between this and developing young talent.

Fascinating interview with David English on TMS this afternoon and he named James Hildreth and Billy Godleman as two of the finest cricketers from the Bunbury festival to have never played for England.

Peakfan said...

Good comments again gents. Whether we go for a batsman or bowler is down to individual choice. A good bat is handy for T20 and I suppose the challenge is for a seamer in particular to stay fit over a long season. In an ideal world a seamer till June then a spinner till September perhaps? Of course we will have Neil Broom again next year at the very least.