Friday, 3 June 2016

Breaking news - Graeme Welch resigns

I didn't see that one coming.

Graeme Welch has announced his resignation as Elite Performance Director this afternoon, something that, irrespective of results this season, comes as a surprise.

While four-day results have been disappointing, the signs were there for an improvement in the one-day game and I can't be the only one to be surprised by this.

No doubt there will be those pleased at the news, as such is life, but I will reserve judgement until more comes out on this one. Welch was one of my favourite players and, as coach, was both approachable and skilled. The interview I did with him in my latest book will be worth reading in this new light...

He will walk into another job in the game and I wish him well, wherever the future takes him. John Sadler takes over in the short term and I am sure we wish him the very best too.

More on this over the weekend and when we have all had a chance to digest it and what it means for us, as a club, moving forward.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

Surprised too. But I take at as an honourable move which is often is short supply in professional sport. More will be revealed in time but my take on it is that he will be acutely aware of a lock of on-field progress and he's done this for our benefit rather than his own.

If the lads had anything about them they'll win tonight and dedicate it to his efforts.

notoveryet said...

I'm surprised and relieved. Surprised because I thought the extension of his contract just a few months ago meant that there would be no appetite for change, however much concern there was about results. Relieved because it's been obvious to those of us watching Derbyshire regularly that performances had been collapsing, and that something was badly wrong. It's worth noting that it is now 12 championship matches since we won a game, and you have to go back to 2004/5 to see a worse run - ironically, brought to an end under Graeme Welch's captaincy.

We'll need to see what emerges as to the reasons, although if this is the result of a compromise agreement, there may be very little about it to come. Whatever emerges, and no matter how sad it is to see anyone lose or leave a job in these circumstances, I think it is a very positive development, which will give us the opportunity to rebuild on the field to match the impressive developments off the pitch.

Peakfan said...

Fair and tactful comments gentlemen. Thank you for them

creweblade said...

Results game i am afraid and our 4 day stuff has not been great - tbh i think we maybe competetive in the one day format but clearly not enough to secure a job - i think we were ready for a change

The more balanced Mark said...

Very sad to see Graeme Welch depart before reaping the rewards of his labours. Derbyshire isn't my home county but from the outside looking in I think he's an exceptional coach and the talent base he has created puts the club in a strong position for the future, provided the club continues to back that young talent.

That said, the loss of Footit has been massive and I think it was essential to bring in a top seamer. Easier said than done of course, but I am convinced the side's position would be very different in the championship if only there was some more penetration with the ball. Not sure on the full reasons for the resignation but I doubt it would be happening if there had been a couple of wins at the start of the season. Signing Wagner instead of Rutherford would have been ideal.

Hope whoever takes the role keeps the same direction of travel. And somehow gets a top quality paceman in. Because there are only a couple of pieces missing in the jigsaw of DCCC.