Friday, 10 June 2016

Nottinghamshire v Derbyshire T20

Match Abandoned

Well, that didn't last long...

Derbyshire's first televised game of the summer only lasted long enough for us to be told that the latest they could start was 9.45pm, which apparently left 'plenty of time' for things to improve. This despite a simultaneous announcement that it would take 75 minutes when the rain stopped to get the ground fit.

My old mathematics teacher would have been proud with how I quickly worked out that they needed to be working on the ground by 8.30pm, which was only an hour down the line. It all looked very unlikely, despite our being assured on at least three occasions that the drainage 'really is world-class'. There was a glimpse of the Derbyshire players inside the dressing room and Wayne Madsen chatting to AJ Harris, but that was as much as we saw of our lads tonight.

World-class drainage counts for nothing when the night looked like one where you'd even have qualms sending out the mother-in-law for milk (sorry, mother-in-law) and so both teams went away with a point into the gathering gloom.

It all reminded me of a scene in the wonderful TV sitcom of many years ago, Outside Edge,  where the team captain, Roger, is seeking encouragement from a thin patch of blue in the distance to get the players to stay around. 'It's only drizzling' he said, ignoring the lake on the outfield in his desire for the win points.

Here's hoping for better luck on Sunday at Chesterfield. A big crowd and sunny day will mean a bumper earner for the club, always a good thing.

I don't think we'll complain at that point though.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

A point there and a win tomorrow would make for a good weekend. Looking at the forms lines 13/10 looks pretty generous on us. The forecast has also improved so fingers crossed we can dodge the showers.

Roy of the Falcons said...

Disappointed at not seeing the team perform on the television. It would have been a good experience for the youngsters playing in front of the cameras and a big crowd. When we enter the pitch with a good crowd in at Trent Bridge i liken it to gladiators entering the colosseum. My only complaint about the T20 clash with the Nottinghamshire Outlaws is that we are starting to attract some of the hooligan element in society. Last year a bottle was thrown towards where I sat and it was only the persistence of a Notts member that resulted in the drunken group being ejected. It would be easy to link this group to football as they had chanted their support for Notts Forest as the players entered the pitch but I know they are not true football supporters. Certainly something for the ground safety officers to think about.

Good luck to the team on Sunday gutted I am not able to visit Queens Park on this occasion.