Friday, 24 June 2016

Derbyshire v Nottinghamshire T20

Derbyshire 114

Nottinghamshire 120-3

Nottinghamshire won by 7 wickets

Call it a hunch, as Quasimodo may once have said, but I had a vibe that tonight may be 'crash and burn' for Derbyshire and so it transpired.

For the first time in a long while I was unable to follow the game in some form or another and only saw the score three times. The first was at the end of our Powerplay, when too much damage was done and we looked to be digging a hole. Then I saw the final score and it would appear that we used JCBs to speed the process.

The end was swift and conclusive and it would appear we batted poorly tonight.

The hour being late and my not having followed the game, it is not appropriate to comment further except to express disappointment at a poor effort.

I look forward to the comments of those who were there and will respond tomorrow, when I perhaps have a little more time.



Paul said...

For the first time this season in one day cricket we were really poor.
Unfortunately it happened against Notts in front of a sell out crowd desperate for something to cheer. There was nothing!
We are absolutely clueless at working out what a decent score is with batsmen hacking across the line or holing out on the massive Derby boundaries on yet another shabby slow Derby pitch not conducive to good hitting. The 2 Kiwi batters continue to embarrass and they remain the problem at the moment.
With such a poor score we had no chance despite good bowling from Madsen and Crichley ( again! ). Notts showed how to clear the ropes with Andre Russell putting one on the pavilion roof and Christian amazingly clearing the new media centre!
One last question- when is Harvey going to get a game ? With his lack of runs why is Poynton playing in all three formats? What's your view Peakfan on this because to me it's very strange.

Adam said...

A little disappointing but once again a glance at the Notts line up showed a side that would give most international teams a run for their money. Notts should with the strength in depth of their squad have had more success in T20 over the years. The result could have been worse, they gifted us some runs early on with some short balls and there was a dropped catch. It was a clinical performance from them and showed the difference in experience and quality.

On a big game night like last night we needed our experienced New Zealand trio to be at the top of their game but sadly they wasn't. Wes is sorely missed at the top of the order, qualification will be tricky now and the next two home games at Chesterfield will be crucial games.

P Fitzpatrick said...

We were poor last night , we seem to get stage fright when we play Notts.
50 over tournament our best hope of progression
2 wins from 4 should secure a Q/F
Off to Canterbury tomorrow , Rutherford and Broom both need big scores and time in the middle
Critchley showing real promise in white ball cricket ..

Peter said...

My thoughts exactly on TP - it's time Hosein got a shot at the first team for a while. TP's not done enough with the bat to warrant playing in all 3 formats. Hosein batted very well against Northants this week and his wicketkeeping definitely has the edge over TP. At only 19 he needs developing through first team exposure and it's about time he got the gloves. What are your thoughts Peakfan?

Sam said...

I said bringing Cotton in to the team would unbalance the team and so it proved. It then looks even more daft, when, in a side with 6 specialist bowlers, we don't open the bowling with any of them! We miss Wes badly, and hopefully he'll replace one of Cotton and Carter and take his place at the top of the order. The old 'Wes n Ches' opening partnership needs restoring, as opening with 2 out of form New Zealanders isn't working I'm afraid.

notoveryet said...

This was very poor, particularly in the context of the encouraging performance in the championship match, which gave some hope that a corner had been turned. Notts record had been no better than ours before this game, and we beat them comfortably in the same match last year, so we can't take refuge in complaints about their resources or strength in depth. The point is they didn’t beat us because they were good, they beat us because we were so poor. The pitch isn't a reason either - every pitch in the country is slow and sticky and hard to score quickly on at the moment, and we made exactly the same mistakes this week as we did last week against Warwickshire on a very similar pitch. Notts mainly kept the ball on the ground, apart from Russell (who did no better than Chesney) and Christian in the final stages, whereas most of our batsman were out going or looking to go aerial, as they had done last week, and from the sound of it, against Yorkshire as well. Add another scrappy fielding performance, and we got the hammering we've been flirting with for the last few matches.

I agree very much with the comment about Tom Poynton. He's contributed virtually nothing with the bat in any format, and his keeping is ragged and costing us matches with mistakes at critical times - the byes in Neesham's last over against Warwickshire and the drop in the last session against Worcestershire being examples. I've no idea what Hosein's keeping has been like in the second team, though I note that he hasn't been scoring a great many runs, but he can hardly be worse than Poynton is at the moment.

It's interesting that there's been several comments over the last few weeks about prioritising one day matches against 4 day matches. I don't particularly agree with the principle behind this, but looking at the tables and the most recent performances, we seem to be better positioned for promotion in the championship than we are for qualifying in the T20. 2 wins in the latter only just gets us into 4th place, whilst 2 wins in the championship would put us within a few points of the top, where Essex’ good start seems to have stalled. After the poor start in the match against Worcestershire, this was a genuinely encouraging performance, even allowing for their awful first innings batting. Cotton wasn’t at his best in the second innings, but is beginning to look like a genuine threat. Godleman’s captaincy looked shrewd and innovative, and things like the timing of his declaration and manipulation of the field in the second innings preyed on Worcs’ insecurities. Broom showed glimpses of his class, even if he needs to show more consistency. Most thrilling of all was Will Davis’ bowling on the final afternoon. He’d looked on the sharp side of fast medium in the first innings but faded in his third spell, whereas his long spell in the second innings bristled with pace and aggression, even on a slow pitch. The downsides were Hughes’ and Rutherford’s continuing failures – one has to go to make space for Slater and at the moment, I think it has to be Rutherford; and missed chances – one to Poynton and one to Hughes – either of which could have opened up the win that the overall performance deserved.

Tim, Chesterfield said...

Is it an issue that HH isn't even keeping wicket for Chesterfield?

Do you think someone could pop down the County Ground and explain the purpose of the batting power play in T20 cricket?

Scott Cable said...

No Durston, no party in T20.

Roger said...

Away from the cricket, anyone else notice Cotton hand gesture to Russell when he got him out. Really poor. The guy just blasted you for two sixes, he is one of the best in world 20/20, Notts were destroying you and your economy rate was 11. Have some more class.