Friday, 3 June 2016

Derbyshire v Leicestershire T20

Leicestershire 120 all out (Thakor 3-17, Neesham 3-26)

Derbyshire 123-6 (Neesham 29 not, Hughes (A) 27, Madsen 23, Thakor 14 not)

Derbyshire won by four wickets

I look forward to your comments later tonight, in the hope that a good few of you were there tonight to see a win that keeps Derbyshire at the business end of the T20 Blast.

It appears, from this distance, to have been a wicket where run scoring was never easy, Neil Dexter's 34 for the visitors the game's highest score. It was won by a couple of partnerships from Derbyshire after we slid alarmingly to 14-3, both Rutherford and Broom going inside the first three overs.

Wayne Madsen and Chesney Hughes steadied the ship and took us past fifty, but when both went in one over from Dexter, at 54-5 we were in territory that was all too familiar last season. Yet Alex Hughes and Jimmy Neesham (pictured) steadied the ship and took us past the hundred mark, before Hughes was caught to leave Shiv Thakor to cream three boundaries and win the game.

It was a triumph for Hughes, captain for the night in the absence of the injured Wes Durston. He got the wicket of the dangerous Niall O'Brien, seemingly did most of the right things in the field and made crucial runs. It underlines his importance to the side and will have done his confidence good. He's an intelligent lad and that shines through in most of the decisions he makes on a cricket pitch.

Shiv Thakor again bowled beautifully and underlined the length of our batting at number eight, even if not all of the early order came to the party. He is making a fine cricketer and will go on to be someone quite special at his current rate of development. His batting owes a lot to John Sadler's work over the winter, and the interim coach can be happy with a first-up win.

A word too for Matt Critchley. Four overs for eighteen from a lad of such tender years is phenomenal and that is three successive games in which he has bowled well. Quite a talent and some way from the finished product, he can be proud of his efforts once again.

Yet above all, it was a triumph for Neesham. I've had a few letters asking why we didn't re-sign Martin Guptill for T20, but Graeme Welch wanted a finisher with the bat, as well as someone who could bowl him a few overs. Neesham is a special cricketer and showed that.

With 3-26 and that crucial, unbeaten 29, he has proved a match-winner in his third game. He'll take that any day, as will we.

Well done lads. Focus largely maintained and, in the end, a professional effort. 


Tim, Chesterfield said...

A good result with obvious areas of improvements. But, if when we are poor with the bat on the occasions we are good in the field it's possible to win games we might otherwise have lost.

I should add that I cannot see any sense in Godleman playing this type of cricket. It's not his game as his stats show.

JFutter said...

Good Character shown when in previous years I'm sure we would've lost that after the early wickets. Batting seems very deep and bowling was excellent, Critchley was brilliant and Madsen bowling the first over and getting a wicket shows we have some depth.

Unfortunately on field action was slightly marked by bouts of fisticuffs caused by (as far as I could see) some very drunk Leicestershire fans.

Sam said...

Super evening, and well captained by the stand in Alex Hughes, who gave himself a degree of flexibility by opening with Madsen, rotated his bowlers well, showed some imagination bringing Carter on in the middle in an attempt to kill the game dead early, and took responsibility by putting himself up the order in a crisis. Very good show.

Critchley varied his pace and flight superbly, and is a real asset to the side whose form will be vital if we are to qualify. Im not overly concerned about the top order collapse, as all teams will suffer this a couple of times by the very nature of t20, and we have batted well in the first 2 games. The fact we still won the game despite our collapse is a real positive. Despite the competition having only just begun, only Northants are still unbeaten, and Yorshire and Notts are the only two teams yet to win - it's a real open competition and we have all the bases covered to qualify this year

creweblade said...

went tonight peakfan and a good crowd in - very solid performance from derbyshire - bowling and fielding was excellent including a stunner of a catch from chesney on the run - critchley and thakor and neesham all bowled well - we had leics at 80 for 8 so a tadd dissapointing to let them get 120. they bowled well at start - mackay was fearsome and almost unplayable for 3 overs but chesney and wayne steadied things then alex hughes and neesham got us home with help from shiv at the end. neesham was my man of the match - he hit one straight six that was still riding when it went through the open windows at the top of the new media stand - all in all a good result and we do look competetive in this format i have to say

Adam said...

A great all round team performance, especially so considering Graeme's resignation. I had no idea that had happened, I had been on the ground for half an hour until my brother arrived and told me! Alex captained the side well, I agree that T20 is not Billy's strength and I think that Shiv (especially with the form he is in) is coming in a couple of places too low. Everything is boding well for a decent push for qualification in T20.

Gary said...

Fantastic result and possible Top 4 could be possible but long way to go.

I believe in absent of Wes Durston a good replacment is Elstone as he must save about 12 runs in field. I honestly think only likes Paul Aldred close match in terms best Derbyshire feilder. (From being a member last 20 years) who would you say Derbyshire best ever fielder?

Sad to see club legend in Greme Welch leave and think alot supporters will respect his desion. He wont struggle for work as bowler coach. I personally feel he was in wrong role for such a talented coach.

Peakfan said...

Tough question Gary! As close fielders Phil Sharpe and Mike Page were brilliant and held catches some wouldn't consider chances. Sharpey was no athlete, but his hand/eye coordination was second to none.

Peter Kirsten was a fantastic fielder, so too Phil De Freitas. Garry Park was brilliant anywhere and probably, for me, just shades even the excellent Elstone. A very good and unlucky cricketer, he was an asset to the team in one-day cricket.

Anonymous said...

Great win last night and enjoyable to watch. Hopefully we can take this into tomorrow's game. I also believe it's time for Broom to take a rest.


Doug said...

Getting used to 20/20 is going to be hard.

Loads of noisy youths urined-up on one pint of fizzy larger, trying to be funny and failing badly. Grown men fighting for freebie merchandise with little kids. What was the issue with those horrible Leicestershire fans? Significant crowd trouble for a family evening. Is this normal? Haven't seen anything like it since the 70's with the introduction of the Sunday League.

Did like the smell of fried onions from the burger vans. Thankfully there was no fancy dress which is a mighty blessing.

Roll on the 1-day stuff, slightly more civilised I hope

Peakfan said...

That's the down side of T20 for me Doug and why my Dad hates it with a passion. Sadly our neighbours have a core of idiots who follow them, who were at the four-day game last year making a nuisance of themselves. I am sure that the club will watch this one closely and tighten security, as no one is going to take youngsters into an environment where there is potential for trouble.

It is neither nice nor clever...