Sunday, 12 June 2016

Derbyshire v Yorkshire RLODC

 Derbyshire 0-0 (1 over) v Yorkshire

Match Abandoned

A weekend that promised much in the way of cricket excitement was a damp squib for Derbyshire, as this game followed the Nottinghamshire T20 in falling foul to the weather.

I am sure the club had the income from the game insured, as it promised to be a good 'earner' for them, but both sides go away with a point after the onset of more rain made play impossible.

It's a shame for Will Davis, who was set for his List A debut on a ground he knows well, but his opportunity will be just around the corner and he will be chafing at the bit to do so.

Next up are the Birmingham Bears in the RLODC on Wednesday at Edgbaston, followed by the same opposition in the T20 at Derby on Friday night.

That is assuming the rain stops between times...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Mark said...

Pathetic decision to abandon it so early, it's fine now in Chesterfield and has only rained for an hour this morning. I notice how all the other matches have not yet fallen to the weather, even those that haven't got going yet. Very hasty and poor decision Chesterfield.

Peakfan said...

Doubt it was made in haste mate and they must have seen the state of the outfield and deemed it unlikely to be fit for play. Grant youit seems early but I guess neither of us were there and must trust those who were to get it right

jasper said...

I was there torrential rain for hour and a quarter not a surprise it was called off. I think you will find the decision was made by the umpires and not " Chesterfield ".

cuthbert said...

I was at the ground prior to the match water, coming up when standing on the outfield. When the showers started after one over it was 'thunder rain' and quickly puddles developed just off the covers all around the square to the extent that the ducks appeared which I guess emphasises the state of the ground. Don't forget the amount of standing water on the temporary additional covers. Great shame for all concerned that the weather had the last word

Mart W

PS In the last 48 hours N/Derbyshire has had a lot of rain of a thundery nature.

Paul said...

You obviously wasn't there Mark! I was.
There was so much rain it's doubtful they would play tomorrow never mind today.
Absolutely correct decision with no hope of play. You only had to see the cars stuck in the mud in the carpark to realise that !

Tim, Chesterfield said...

I've seen one over of Derbyshire cricket now this season. The ball hit the bat once (the edge) and I've seen no runs scored.