Monday, 27 July 2015

Derbyshire v Yorkshire RLODC

Yorkshire 239-6 in 42 overs (Ballance 69)

Derbyshire 189-9 in 29 overs, chasing 197 to win (Rutherford 56, Godleman 45)

Yorkshire won by seven runs

I have to say I don't really understand Duckworth/Lewis.

How we came to be chasing only 42 less than Yorkshire made in 13 overs less, when they had an uninterrupted innings remains a mystery to me. I know it is all about acceleration and what they might have done, but my life's too short to try and fully understand its intricacies and nuances.

That said, Derbyshire made a very good fist of their run chase tonight and, against the best side in the country, made them fight to the end to hold on. That they did was down to experience and know-how, but our young side can be proud of how we grafted and took it to the wire.

The bowling again held its own against a good side, one with most of its available big guns included. Maybe we could have made better use of the two spinners, whose eight overs went only for 33, Matt Critchley doing well on his List A debut. Yet no one let us down and as in the game at Taunton yesterday, a young attack did an admirable job.

The batting did likewise. Restored to his best place as an opener, Billy Godleman played a fine knock and Hamish Rutherford, with support from the lower order and especially Tom Poynton, almost took us to what would have been an unlikely win. When he was caught on the boundary, from the final ball of the penultimate over, the game was up, but it was a very good effort. Brooks, Patterson and Bresnan, experienced campaigners all, held their nerve and we just hadn't enough in the tank to cope. Again, an experienced finisher in that slot might have made a difference in a narrow finish, something that Graeme Welch will be more aware of than any of us.

Irresepective of the result, it was a game that augurs well for the remainder of the competition. Yes we were beaten, and the churlish will doubtless say that a loss is a loss, irrespective of the margin. I'm not one of them though, because that was an excellent effort.

If we replicate those skills and the intensity shown tonight, more wins will come in this competition.


creweblade said...

went today - what really cost us was a ridiculous decision by the umpires to waste 90 mins waiting for the pitch to dry out more which it hardly did - to make matters worse the yorkshire team were playing football at 2pm on the pitch with no problems - beggars belief to be honest but when did the paying punter ever matter. We then got done again by D/L but to be fair to yorkshire they held their nerve at the end and we came up a finisher short again as you have said - we have to sort that out for next season

Sam said...

Duckworth Lewis is based on a big bank of data from previous matches. In reducing from 42 to 29 overs, we essentially lost from our run chase overs 9-21 from what would have been a 50 over game, which historically isnt a block where big runs are scored, hence the only small reduction in the target. Overall we didn't do too badly, especially with the ball and in the field, though I'm not sure the batting tactics of having a right-left hand combination for as long as possible worked. Rutherford should have gone in at 3 in hindsight, with Madsen at 4 or 5. Cheney Hughes looks in no form at all, his place in the side would be under threat if we had a bit more in reserve.

Given they made a big song and dance about kids getting in free, I thought the attendance was absolutely pathetic, there's usually more there at championship games. There was also no other entertainment at the ground or anything else for the kids put on. They didn't even have the music for the boundaries!

Gary said...

I was at the game tonight and it was highly entertaining! The key factors in game was Madsen dismal it was costly and shot in match, he would be kicking himself very hard for that. I thought umpiring wasn't great as few wides that wasn't given and all adds up extra balls. The catch that Maxwell took was one best seen at County ground. I hope we see more Greg Cork but maybe 4 wins will be enough in this competition. I think in one day format there is improvement we still miss batsman who can have big over 15 -20. I see potential if we stick to club policy home grown. I am more concerned about Championship team that seems to stagnated mainly to batting. Lets all enjoy next month and get behind the guys see what happens

Peakfan said...

Cheers Sam. Yeah I knew that, but there are always exceptions and a 'one size fits all' doesn't always work. There have been games where it worked in our favour and you take the rough with the smooth in the game, but in a 42 over game we would have pushed for more in a 'lost' 13 overs.
As for music, that is the preserve of T20, abhorred by the older fans. 50 overs is a middle ground and I think the attendance is largely down to theweather.

Gary said...

Solid start to the campaign but one thing that I don't agree with is the constant changing of the order in the one day campaigns so far. Someone wrote the other day about Godleman and whether he should be in the one day side but looking at the 20/20 and 50 over this season he has batted at 1,2,4,5,6,7 and 8. Chesney Hughes has batted at 1,2,3,5 and 7. Thakor has batted every position from 3 down to 8 and I could go on. Rutherford seemed to settle at the top of the order and then he appears at 5?
I understand we have to be flexible and have left/right combinations etc but surely this doesn't help the batsmen get used to a role in the team and certainly it doesn't help us develop a 'finisher' in the team. If anything it just looks like the management haven't a clue what our best order is and that can't give any confidence to the players (even from my own experience of playing being shifted around constantly can't help you)