Friday, 24 July 2015

Fantasy Cricket update

Early congratulations are perhaps apposite for David Aust, who is a piffling 1600 points clear  in the Peakfan Blog Fantasy Cricket League.

David is 54th in the overall competition, while Matthew Entwistle is just 300 points (or a good innings from Prince or Petersen) ahead of Dean Doherty, with Dean shadowing himself in fourth place with his B team (well, I hope it is!)

As for old Peaky, I am nicely up to mid-table, a consequence of having used all my players, but also electing good old Ashwell Prince as skipper...all those runs and counting them twice  - I salute you, sir....

I can live with that, considering I haven't looked at the league for about three weeks!

Good luck to all, in the remainder of the season.

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