Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Gloucestershire v Derbyshire RLODC preview

Derbyshire head to Bristol tomorrow for a game that could see them establish a place in the group's likely qualifiers. Defeat wouldn't end our hopes, but this is a game we can win with commitment, attention to detail and professionalism.

Gloucestershire have some good players, but this summer they have more impressed me as a team that is better than its constituent parts. Skipper Michael Klinger is the 'name' player, but the rest are largely players who fly below the media radar. Having said that, there are some good ones among them and we will need to be at our best tomorrow to beat a side chosen from this squad:

Michael Klinger (c), Chris Dent, Gareth Roderick (wk), Benny Howell, Geraint Jones, Kieran Noema-Barnett, Jack Taylor, James Fuller, Craig Miles, Tom Smith, David Payne, Will Tavare, Liam Norwell.

We keep the same squad as for the first two games, with the addition of Ben Slater. Graeme Welch will announce his final eleven when he has seen the wicket - and probably the weather - tomorrow, but there's enough in this Derbyshire side to secure another win.

I'll report on that tomorrow and keep my fingers crossed that we quickly return to winning ways.


notoveryet said...

Well, you certainly read that one, Peakfan - "this is a game we can win with commitment, attention to detail and professionalism." We saw the first in spades from Madsen and Rutherford but the last two were totally absent. In some ways, the schoolboy error with the field placing distracts from the really shameful aspect of this defeat, which was conceding 70 runs from 24 balls. The ability to lose matches from winning positions in so many different ways says to me that there are some very deep seated problems at this club that are not being addressed, and we can't hide behind the "it happens with young teams and young players" excuses.

Andy T said...

Commitment, attention to detail and professionalism. I'm just back home in Devon from Gloucester and they weren't the words that sprang to mind in those last 4 overs. Blimey. And why isn't Palladino playing?