Sunday, 12 July 2015

Derbyshire v Yorkshire T20

Yorkshire 146-9 (Maxwell 45, Durston 3-14, Thakor 3-34)

Derbyshire 150-6 (Madsen 41, Rutherford 40)

Derbyshire won by 4 wickets

In theory, there should have been no way for a young Derbyshire side to beat our Yorkshire rivals today, even allowing for the foot injury that ruled out Aaron Finch before the start.

They still fielded five internationals  and our recent record against them was a long way from auspicious. However, in less time than it took me to drive down from Scotland  (which was longer than it should have been after the A66 was closed) we beat them with something to spare in front of a capacity crowd. All this on a lovely summer's day at the loveliest of outgrounds...

I stopped for a while en route and felt both nostalgic and envious of those thronged around the boundary in David Griffin's excellent Twitter photograph. Many of my happiest cricket memories are on that ground and for such a win to come there was quite special.

For the record, that is Lancashire, Nottinghamshire and Yorkshire beaten this year, big counties with massive budgets and big playing staffs. No, I didn't predict a win (as someone reminded me earlier...) because logically it should have been a mismatch. Don't forget, round about this time last year I watched us play the same side at Scarborough and be roundly thumped in the fifty-over competition. Sitting listening to patronising, smug supporters was not easy, even though they had every right (if anyone ever does) to be smug.

The perennial moaners will say that Yorkshire had men missing (true) and that it doesn't make up for losing some of those other tight finishes. Well, if that is all you have to say after such a win, save yourself time and don't bother. At least be big enough to acknowledge a fantastic performance in which everyone played a part.

Those who say we have not progressed this year are now confirmed as completely wrong. We have won four games, could have won more. Our bowling, except for a couple of occasions (I don't include Birmingham, as that was just a world-class player in prime form) has been with good discipline and command of the basic skills.

Our use of the Powerplay has been much better too, especially since the arrival of Hamish Rutherford (#signhimupPop). We still panic a little when there's no need, as evidenced by two needless run outs today, but we are contributing down the order and at least bat deep.

The fielding has also held up well and it should not be overlooked that in a very good bowling effort today we had lads of 20, 21 and 23. Full marks to Cap'n Wes for a sterling bowling effort that rightly earned him the Man of the Match award, but the efforts of his young charges, alongside Nathan Rimmington, should not be overlooked.

The Yorkshire total was well within our compass but we needed a good start while the field was in and ten an over came from the first seven. Rutherford again displayed his talents and after he was dismissed, Madsen came in and knocked it around, which was all we needed. Seeing the skipper back in form is great news, although the late panic required common sense from Alex Hughes to avoid any embarrassment. For me, the games missed this year by Wayne and Alex were crucial. Both offer much to the side and they were missed, without doubt.

Still bottom of the group, I accept that. Yet this team has shown that if bolstered by the right reinforcements in the winter, they are capable of beating anyone. Before the season began, I wrote that we would need to be fully focused and committed for every session , have our share of luck and play somewhere near our best on a regular basis to do well this year.

We've not managed those criteria often enough, but when they get it right, as they did against Nottinghamshire and again today, this side can play some very good cricket.

A good night to be a Derbyshire fan, my friends.

Well done lads - you did us proud today!


Paul said...

Well played Derbyshire!
If only we could have won just 2 of those close games .....

Marc said...

It was an enjoyable occasion and an even more enjoyable result. Yorkshire were fielding a strong side even with a few players unavailable and we more than matched them in all departments. It makes a big difference when early wickets fall and although they recovered form those losses,a large total never seemed likely.

We did well to keep the lid on the scoring rate and all our bowlers deserve credit for their efforts. It was still a target which could have presented problems but we kept our collective heads and reached it with something to spare. Rutherford looks to be finding his feet,just a shame he won,t be around for the remainder of the season. Madsen also batted well along with Alex Hughes. Credit to all.This was a solid effort and we deserved to win.

Daniel Smith said...

Wow. Excellent result. I've said it before but I'm not expecting a great deal from Derbyshire this year. I think it takes time to build a team, and to get things moving in the right direction.

I do think though that Derbyshire are going in the right direction though. Our players have suffered from a lack of confidence, not a lack of ability. I'm hoping this win will be a big step forward in regaining that confidence.

One problem Derbyshire do have (and for cricket it's a good problem) is that there are a number of counties in the Second Division who are improving: Glamorgan and Northants are two examples, I'm sure the others are also there or thereabouts. It does mean that we can't just expect to turn up and win (we'll leave that to Surrey). But this competition is very healthy.

Anyway I digress. Well done Derbyshire.

Mutn said...

In a way yesterday I wouldn't have minded too much about the result.

Sitting in the sun, in a capacity Queen's Park crowd with a beer amongst friends was enough for me.