Monday, 6 July 2015

Derbyshire v Glamorgan day 1

 Glamorgan 167-3 (Ingram 73 not) v Derbyshire

Early success for Derbyshire today was frustrated by the weather, before the visiting batsmen, led by Colin Ingram, saw their side to a decent and promising 167-3.

The rain doesn't appear to have slowed the outfield and the score zipped along at more than five an over. Mark Footitt was unfortunately costly with runs and no balls with James Whitaker in attendance and sixteen over steps by the Derbyshire bowlers in just 32 overs bowled was not what we needed.

Still, that is all the patient support got, as rain and bad light won the day and rather subdued the Festival vibe.

We will need to up our game tomorrow, that's for sure, as Ingram could take the game away from us before lunch.

Postscript - slightly surprised at reading the club Twitter feed, to see that the Lake End now appears to have been downgraded to the Pond End.

It is hardly a rival to Windermere, but I do hope, for history's sake, that normal service is resumed tomorrow...after all that rain, we may yet see the River End.


Tim, Chesterfield said...

It is most definitely not the 'Pond End', something that Cricinfo have seemingly picked up on. I'll be tweeting the club to ensure such an error is not made again.

John said...

Its a lake

Always has been

Always will be

Ever since Colin Tunnicliffe smashed a six when I was about four years old to beat Surrey in a John Player League game.

Popped down after work for the last hour or so.

What a simply magical place Queens Park is. Grew up watching cricket there. Walked round a couple of times and Its hardly ever ever changed. Brought back some fantastic memories. Happy happy times.


notoveryet said...

Perhaps more appropriate to call it the Drain End to reflect the quality of Derbyshire's bowling at the moment. It followed seamlessly on from the performance against Surrey, with Taylor Mark Footitt's action now in a complete tangle. It surely can't be a coincidence that something that has been metronomic and relaxed for the best part of two years is gradually coming apart as soon as he is under close scrutiny from England. Perhaps it's nerves, perhaps trying too hard, or perhaps he's been benefitting from some of England's specialist coaches. Tom Taylor looks a long way from the bowler we saw in the early part of the season, and it often seems to me that it's the easy pickings from him that gets opposition batting underway after they've struggled against Footitt and Palladino. I was surprised that White was left out, as he's looking much the better bowler at the moment. I suspect that with uneven bounce already evident, and the early advantage wasted, we've already let this game slip, and choosing to bat last isn't going to look like a smart decision. In fairness to Madsen, however, when the team is playing as badly as they are in all departments, there's probably no such thing as a good decision.

All in all, a very poor two days at Chesterfield. Yesterday was as big a choke as Durham, and it's chastening to reflect that we'd have been in with a decent chance of qualifying if we'd won those two matches. I made the point a couple of weeks ago about how much better we are at home than away, where we have been systematically demolished in every game. Even so, there has been this constant pattern of stagnation in the last few overs, whether batting first or second. As commented by others last night, I was perplexed that Thakor, White, Hughes and Knight were preceded by Tom Poynton. I've seen nothing this season to suggest that he is a finisher, and the fact that he can hit the ball hard doesn't disguise the fact that he doesn't have the inventiveness or flexibility required in this position.

Huw Lloyd said...

I was really surprised to see Wayne White left out yesterday, he has been (behind Footitt) our most potent bowler in the last few games.

The reasoning was evidently lack of runs and wanting to play youth, I don't see how leaving out White will effect runs if he was realistically in contention with Taylor.

I am however for giving youth a chance, but if we employ White then he has to be considered, if you are good enough, you play irrespective of age for me.

It seemed a very muddles decision.

Marc said...

It would appear from various sources we were saved by the rain yesterday. Saved from having a score of 400 plus to think about,though there is still a fair chance that might happen today. A feature of our bowling has been the number of boundaries we gift our opponents.It has been a regular theme throughout the season but seems to have reached a zenith in the current game. The general lack of control and inconsistency has also contributed greatly to an unacceptable number of extras which has now become the norm.

Conditions have been offered as a flimsy excuse for a number of failings over the season but when those conditions are very much to our advantage we have the ability to render them null and void and allow batsmen to turn the tables. The inclusion of Thakor,presumably for White, is almost unbelievable and one that merits some sort of explanation. He can,t be injured otherwise he would not have been named in the squad. There are suggestions in some quarters all may not be well with certain members of the rank and file and our minds are inevitably cast back to the end of the Morris/Brown era. There may be no truth in this but few people had an inkling back then of the bombshell which was about to land.Disagreements and internal arguments are not uncommon in sport but sometimes they can be symptomatic of much deeper seated issues. I,m sure this squad is better than performances and results are suggesting and if that is true,then questions have to be asked as to why the leadership and various coaches seem unable to transfer potential on the training ground to performance on the pitch. An old fella near me at the Surrey game said "they,re not b****y trying this lot". Food for thought isn,t it?.

As far as the here and now is concerned we are still afloat,albeit only just and the need for early wickets is crucial if we are to maintain a foothold. It would be hard to imagine the Glamorgan attack being as obliging as our own and anything much in excess of 250 will ask questions our fragile batting may not be able to answer.

Mutn said...

What with rain aplenty around for Wednesday , it'll be sweet just to get to the fourth day ! :-)

Peakfan said...

I don't pay too much attention to stuff around the ground Marc. There are plenty who like to make out they know something and if they don't, they make it out.

I walk around the ground and watch the game from various angles at times and have heard a lot of laughable stuff. I don't want the site to become an airing ground for that sort of thing, because it is unfair and disrespectful to people.

To suggest they don't try is, with respect to the bloke who said it - just stupid. I get to the ground early and see how hard these guys work - it is not for the want of effort that things haven't gone our way.

That there is much work to be done to get to where we want to be is undeniable. So too is the fact that they are all working their socks off to be among the ones that get there.