Monday, 18 June 2012

Tom Maynard

While this is a blog about Derbyshire cricket and we're all down about tonight's display, it is only appropriate to note the untimely passing of one of the brightest talents in  the English game, Tom Maynard.

I grew up watching his Dad play many sterling innings for Glamorgan and the signs were that Maynard junior was very much a chip off the old block and was set to captivate crowds in the county  - and perhaps international - game for years to come.

He had a full range of shots, a good head on his shoulders and extraordinary talent. To see such an immensely promising career snuffed out in its prime is unbearably sad and my heart, like those of all Derbyshire supporters, goes out to the immediate and extended family, as well as to his friends and team mates at Surrey.

Cricket, at the end of it all, is just a game. Relatively speaking, at the end of it all, tonight's result really didn't matter all that much in comparison to this morning's tragic news.

Rest in peace Tom Maynard.

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Anonymous said...

I only met Tom briefly when he attended the Wenvoe Centenary Match in my village back in 1993 when Glamorgan were our special visitors. He was just a young lad, there watching his dad skipper the county side in between getting up to mischief as a lot of little boys do at that age.

I had not long moved to Wales and to reflect back and recall him then and to read of his demise now puts many trivial matters into perspective.

Irrespective of the circumstances leading to his death, the fact this talented player has gone at such an early age is simply a tragedy.