Thursday, 14 June 2012

Derbyshire v Lancashire T20

Played one, won one. You can't do better than that. And on a night when only one other game was completed, that is especially good news.

There were elements of tonight's cricket that could be improved on, for sure. There were a few chances went down,Usman Khawaja didn't get going and Rana Naved was very costly, but the bottom line is that Derbyshire won without a significant input from their overseas stars.

We were in danger of slipping behind on Duckworth Lewis until Naved and Chesney Hughes (pictured) came together to score 28 from the next nine balls. They were aided, to be fair, by some very wild bowling by Sajid Mahmood, who conceded 15 from only three legitimate deliveries in the 12th over. Mahmood was yesterday bemoaning the fact that he may have to leave the county, following the signing of Ajmal Shahzad, as he can't get a regular game. Based on 2.3-0-42-1 I am hardly surprised...

Naved  had a difficult debut and won't have bowled many more expensive spells in T20, but sometimes just getting used to the gradient of a new square takes a little time, even for an experienced bowler. He's not played much cricket of late either, but what I liked about him was how he came in to bat determined to make amends. An unbeaten 19 from 9 balls may not appear substantial in some people's eyes, but in the context of this game it was massive. It was the sort of experienced input we have lacked in recent seasons.

Crucial too was the effort of Chesney Hughes, who has not enjoyed the best of starts this summer. Having Hughes and Naved at six and seven is important, batsmen who are capable of finding or clearing the boundary when it is most needed. Wes Durston gave us the brisk start I anticipated and Ross Whiteley hit a couple of sixes, or maximums as they're called by people who like using big words... It was a solid batting effort and victory was made possible by keeping the score around target - crucial at most times, but especially with rain about.

The bowlers, Naved apart, did a very solid job. Mark Turner has done well in one day games this season and his extra pace did a fine job tonight. So too did Tim Groenewald, while David Wainwright gave his usual exemplary display.

My man of the match tonight though is Chesney Hughes. A brisk unbeaten 16 followed on from a terrific four over spell that cost just 21 runs, putting the brakes on Lancashire when they looked as if they were going to get away.

What we need now is a similar effort against Nottinghamshire tomorrow. Win that one and a few more eyes will be opened about what is going on at the County Ground. I didn't expect us to win tonight, so a hearty congratulations to all concerned.

A repeat against our dear rivals will do quite nicely, thanks lads...


myt20 said...
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Marc said...

A very satisfactory result. It,s always important to hit the ground running and build up a head of steam.

Individually,it was a mixed night all round. The fielding was not of the highest standard and that has to improve quickly. In these sort of games one or two runs saved and catches held is often the difference between winning and losing.

Hughes and Turner did well and can be satisfied with their night,s work. For some of the others there is room for improvement. I wont be too hard on individuals after one game,particularly as we won it, but we must tighten things up a bit and not allow ourselves to become sloppy. A win tonight would be very nice and there is no reason we can,t achieve it. All fingers crossed.