Sunday, 3 June 2012

Congratulations to Wes

Warm congratulations to Wes Durston for winning the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award for last month, the first Derbyshire player to do so.

He has been a great asset to Derbyshire cricket since plucked from the Unicorns setup by John Morris and has thrived in the positive atmosphere engendered by Karl Krikken. Wes has a role in the side that he is comfortable with and he has contributed runs, wickets and catches in a major contribution to Derbyshire's fine start.

When he scores runs it is quickly and his footwork is quick and positive. As the senior professional in a young side at 31, he sets an excellent example and can be rightly proud of his award, a reflection of a job well done.

Congratulations Wes!


Marc said...

Durston has been a revelation as far as i,m concerned. I have alot of time for him and this award is just reward for an outstanding all round player. There is still life after you hit 26.9 and here we have a perfect example.

Anonymous said...

As you know Peakfan, Wes was one player I was keen to see signed by the club a fair time before we eventually got him. I was also fortunate enough to see him at Cardiff strike his first hundred for us (only his second FC ton). All told, I have to confess he is one of my favourite players in the current side, so this award is very pleasing to note.

I hope another of my long term targets for the side, David Wainwright, signed by Mr Krikken this season is our second MVP monthly winner. Then I will be a happy man, as it will probably reflect some more CC2 victories secured on day four!

To be honest though, if any of our guys repeat Wes's feat, I will be extremely pleased.

MVP? Surely equals MasterVillain Player (Award)


Peakfan said...

Right Master Villain, start your campaign now to get Gary Ballance back at Derbyshire!!