Thursday, 7 June 2012

Leicestershire v Derbyshire day 3

There was little play around the country in county cricket today, but Derbyshire enjoyed just enough time in the middle to pick up two potentially crucial batting points against Leicestershire.

There was solid, professional batting from Dan Redfern and David Wainwright and it will be interesting to see the tactics tomorrow, assuming that we get into the middle for long enough for there to be any relevance to tactics...

We could opt to bat on steadily, aim for 400 and then attain the maximum batting points, which would be nicely augmented by the draw points for a decent haul, certainly in the context of those picked up elsewhere. Alternatively, we could have a slog for an hour and a half, declare around 170 runs on and then try to bowl out Leicestershire again. Much will depend on the wicket and whether Karl Krikken and Wayne Madsen feel it is feasible to bowl out our hosts on the last afternoon.

Today didn't suggest that there was particular devilment in the pitch, so my guess would be we go for option one, although there may not be enough time in the middle for us to make 300, let alone go for maximum batting points.

What a season Dan Redfern is having! There were a few people last year complaining that he was an unfulfilled talent, silly when the lad is still a novice at the county game. This year, enjoying his work with Dave Houghton, he looks a batsman of the highest class and the potential lynchpin of our batting for years to come.

Similarly, David Wainwright emerged from a lean trot with the bat to play a crucial supporting role, exactly the type of innings we expected from him when he moved from Yorkshire. The lad is a fine cricketer and it crossed my mind that we might not have seen such application from his predecessor in the Derbyshire middle order...

We'll see what tomorrow brings, but if it keeps raining in Wales and Hampshire I'll be far from upset...


Marc said...

If a miracle does happen and we actually play,my view is we declare now. I realise there are different ways of looking at things and we have various options,but the undeniable fact is we have to bowl Leicestershire out to win. Do we bat on for a couple of bonus points,or go for the win?.

One thing to bear in mind is the much improved forecast for the South,thus giving Kent a significantly better opportunity to win than we may have. Mind you,if Hampshire are as generous to them as they were against us we have little to fear in terms of a positive result emerging.

As for yesterday,another sound innings from Redfern and useful runs from Wainwright. Up to now he has been slightly disappointing with the bat,but that may be turning in his favour now. Only the most churlish would criticise his bowling. He gives us something we have lacked for long enough. A genuine match winning spin bowler.

Critics would do well to remember this. The guy he replaced can,t get into the Essex team now,having taken the word useless to a whole new level. I thought it was impossible for his form to dip any lower,but no,he,s achieved it with consumate ease. Both with bat and ball. Wainwright also has time very much on his side and i,m sure he will emerge as a useful late middle order batsman and will also continue to improve as a bowler.

On the batting front,Lineker is yet to prove he can make the step up to the highest level. Given the fact his career probably depends on the chance he has been given now,i think Krikken has to give him a couple more games. Two games is not sufficient to form a reasonable opinion. Hughes will obviously be given an extended run,so we will judge him in due course. The T20 will breath new life into Whiteley. The opportunity to play his natural game will hopefully kick start his batting and give him a bit of confidence. In his case i think one decent knock will have him firing on all cylinders again.

I conclude with praise for Redfern. He is becoming a much more consistent player these days and has the quality to become a top class player. He hasn,t done much in limited overs cricket up to now,but i think we have to persevere with him for the time being and see what happens.

Chris said...

Two main points for me at the moment.

1) Ross Whiteley doesn't look like he's playing his natural game. He's prodding about for 30/40 balls, nurdling his way to 10, then playing an aggressive shot and getting out. His strength is in playing his shots - he reminds me so much of Mr M. Trescothick in this respect - and he needs to get back to doing this, for my money. As Marc says, the T20 is coming at the right time for him. I'm a massive Ross fan and I'm sure that the freedom of being able to play his shots in the shortest format of the game means that the second half of the season will see him back to his best.

2) Dan Redfern: take a bow. The boy is showing us all what he's made of. It was was a pleasure to witness his maiden FC hundred v Northants, and I even thought his 9 against Warwickshire on Monday was the classiest 9 I've ever seen.

England Lions better be watching...