Monday, 4 June 2012

Derbyshire v Warwickshire CB40 preview

Another day, another game for Derbyshire today and a chance to get our own back on Warwickshire, who inflicted our biggest defeat of the season so far on us.

The teams have yet to be announced, but there may be first starts for Ally Evans, Tom Knight and Peter Burgoyne as Derbyshire look to rest key personnel ahead of tomorrow's game at Leicester. Evans has done well for Scotland so far, while Knight also appears to be bowling well and looks considerably fitter than last summer.

A win would be a good tonic for us, but I don't see this match as crucial to our season, as our focus has to be the County Championship. We don't have a big enough or old enough squad to sustain a challenge across all tournaments and having got to poll position in the four-day game it would be silly to squander it by overworking key members of the side - hence the decision to rest Palladino, Groenewald and Wainwright.

We need all of those players fit for the long haul. There is a lot of cricket to play and owe it to all of them to make sure they are fit enough to last the campaign. I expect us to be beaten today by a good team with a far bigger squad and a lot more money - but the real match this week starts tomorrow...


Marc said...

For once Peakfan,i have to disagree somewhat with your philosophy.

Yes,the County Championship is important,but there are certain other factors to take into consideration. The Leicestershire game is our last CC match for well over a month,during which time we have only the T20 and three CB40 matches. These are well spaced out giving players plenty of time to put their feet up between matches.

Four overs of bowling is hardly a strenuous task and should barely be noticed by fit professionals.

As far as the here and now is concerned they all had a extra day off last Saturday and most of Friday aswell. A look at the forecast guarantees they will have plenty of time to play cards during the Leicester game,unfortunately.

The next two CB40 fixtures are important and should be treated as such. To as good as throw the towell in at this stage sends out a completely wrong message both to players and supporters.

If that is the plan,then I am at odds with it and believe we are making a mistake. I would be more sympathetic were we in a position where qualification was no longer possible,but not at the moment.

It a dangerous tactic to prioritise competitions and it could very easily backfire. There is no logical reason for us to do it and i don,t believe we should.

Sorry to disagree but I do feel quite strongly about this.

Peakfan said...

No problem mate. I think we will have a strong squad out for T20, where we could be a surprise element given the addition of Rana Naved to the squad, but having lost two in this competition already we're up against it. One more loss, for me, would be the most we could take and expect to qualify.
I mean no disrespect to the talented young players who are coming in, but they need experience and this is a good way of them getting it, rather than overworking them.
Evans is a wildcard, though he bowled well in Barbados. Knight for Wainwright isn't that much of a change - both are very, very good spin bowlers. I could see both in the T20 line up.
As for Burgoyne - I'd be surprised if he played today, but the boy is a real talent and will become a major player for Derbyshire.