Monday, 18 June 2012

Derbyshire v Yorkshire T20

After a very impressive bowling performance  - at least until the last couple of overs of the innings - Derbyshire produced a batting display that sadly bordered on the dismal tonight.

It was same old, same old in front of the TV cameras as a decent start by Wes Durston and Usman Khawaja was squandered with an ineptitude that sadly smacked of the bad old days.

While you have to give some credit to the Yorkshire bowlers, Derbyshire didn't make them work unduly hard for their wickets and to lose five wickets for just 20 runs, as we managed to do, was frankly unprofessional.

As regular readers will know, I am very positive about the current state of Derbyshire cricket, but to go from 43-0 in the sixth over to 84-7 in the 15th was very disappointing and there's nothing that I can say to defend such an abject effort.

Full marks to David Wainwright, who bowled as good a spell of spin as you could wish to see, but after so many encouraging displays this summer, Derbyshire were very, very poor with the bat tonight.

Wainwright and Rana Naved, much better with the ball tonight, added a modicum of respectability to the total, but it was too little, too late.

They'll need to do much better on Wednesday, or the Sky commentators will have run out of disparaging comment by the midway point of our innings against Durham.

That's all I can say really. As it did to all Derbyshire fans, that one hurt tonight.


Washy said...

It was disappointing how we lost our way after a good start. The openers got in but then got out, and after that noone else really got set, Madsen and Whitely scratched around, Redfern was unlucky with the run out, and after that the required rate was mounting uncontrollably. It's disappointing, but bowling wise there are some positives to take out of the game, just need to work on the first few and last few overs.

Marc said...

Not good enough by half i,m afraid. There was no excuse for that sort of batting performance. Some of the shots played last night would have made a local number eleven cringe with shame. It was dreadful. An object lesson on how to throw your wicket away and look like a pillock in the process. Madsen and Whiteley might aswell have batted with a stick of rhubarb. To try pulling dead straight balls to square leg is the first thing you drill out of a ten year old.

Why are we playing Turner?. Why did Durston only bowl two overs?. Why did we not start with spin?. In this form of cricket,spin is the key and yet we allowed Yorkshire to get away to a flyer by feeding Gayle the stuff he thrives on.

They should never have got anywhere near 150. We weren,t helped by a blind umpire who should have given Root out LBW. It was nowhwere near as plumb as Durston,s,but out nevertheless.

Poor team selection,poor batting order,very poor tacticts and dreadful technique sums up the whole night. I felt sorry for Wainwright,who escapes any criticism following his excellent spell of bowling. Take note and learn. Fast.

Marc said...

Sorry,i forgot to mention Hughes,who looked every bit as bad as the rest of them,fielding included.

Mark said...

Guptill goes, so do Derbyshire. Going to be a real struggle in the one dayer's this season. The quality is still missing. Guptill held this team together, and without him we look lost.

Washy said...

Of course we miss Guptill, but Khawaja can still do a good job. He looked decent until he played a very poor shot to get out.
Personally i don't think Whiteley should be at 3, i still see him as more of a finisher of an innings in T20, bat him at 5 or 6, after Redfern and Madsen, or perhaps send in Naved or Hughes early on.

Other option is play Clare rather than Turner, and then he can add to a long batting line up. Or since spin seems to be so much more effective than seam bowling atm, then how about Tom Knight