Saturday, 16 June 2012

Nottinghamshire v Derbyshire T20

Not much to write about on this one, which was why I didn't rush into print last night.

It is a shame that a tournament that accounts for a sizeable chunk of county income is thus far badly blighted by the weather. Despite the England football match last night, Nottinghamshire will have expected a healthy crowd last night for the local derby and will be disappointed that it didn't happen. Hopefully we will have better luck with the weather when they travel to play at Derby. I wouldn't be surprised if the county haven't got the game insured, just in case, as it makes a massive contribution to our coffers on an annual basis.

Given our recent track record against Nottinghamshire, it is hard to be unhappy with a point from last night, but confidence in the Derbyshire camp is high and they would have fancied their chances of both. For me, however, our East Midlands rivals are the best team in the group, so we cannot be disappointed at this stage.

The attention now switches to the County Ground on Monday and the visit of Yorkshire. I'll preview this in detail over the weekend but for now there are two things that I hope for from this fixture.

One is that the weather is kind, as a large crowd should again be in attendance. Second is that the real Derbyshire, the one that has played exciting, vibrant cricket so far this summer, turns up.Too often in front of the cameras we have been disappointing and this is a real opportunity to reinforce the message - the brand, if you will - that is coming from the County Ground in 2012.

Let's keep our fingers crossed for both.

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creweblade said...

peakfan - agree hope the crowd is bigger as it was pitiful v Lancs but i cant help thinking the club scored a massive own goal with the team played v Warwickshire the other week - a fair sized crowd in and we werent even on the same planet as those Bears - we never learn sometimes - i cant make Monday as in London with work but hoping to make the Wednesday game