Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Stattos delight

Here's one for the statisticians among you. Consider this team:


Now I don't know if that is our likely side for Bristol on Friday, but I'd have thought it would be close in the light of the cruel injury that has robbed Paul Borrington of a likely opening berth  for the first month of the season. Bozza's ankle ligament injury offers opportunity to one of the other batsmen, and of course it is quite possible that Dan Redfern could squeeze into the line up somewhere.

Have you figured out what I'm referring to? Any of that side could feasibly and realistically bowl.

Usman Khawaja may be the least known of the bowlers but is quite highly rated in Grade cricket as an off spinner. All the rest have bowled quite often or regularly, so Luke Sutton has plenty of options!

Match preview tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'd play Staffan Jones probably instead on Turner. On that wicket we might neeed Staffan's batting and it will suit his bowling. He looked good on Monday and his experience is always useful.

Anonymous said...

Interesting reading... I would have thought Morris will opt for Redfern in order to obtain ECB money.. (who'd he replace is a tough one) Does Park open with Madsen with Hughes at 4 and Redfern in for Durston. Or does Redfern go to 6 with Durston and Smith moving up a spot (therefore no Park) my feeling is Park is a better 4 day option than Durston, but both i think offer more than Redfern in the team.

Interseting times for Morris...

what do you reckon? ? ?

Anonymous said...

I would have Hughes in at about 4 as he is always likely to knick one early doors. Let someone like Park dig in at the top and take the shine off the new ball. Also, I'd play Jones.