Monday, 25 April 2011

Derbyshire v Netherlands

After the encouraging performance against Middlesex, a depleted Derbyshire slipped back into old ways with a disappointing defeat to the Netherlands this afternoon.

While Khawaja, Clare, Palladino and Groenewald would probably have made a big difference to the final result, we should still have been capable of beating a team who are regarded as minnows in the world game. Having said that, they would appear to have been toughened up by their recent World Cup  exploits, even in defeat, as their bowlers have now shown twice that they are a match for county sides.

Indeed, much of the side is made up of nationals from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand and in Peter Borren, the skipper, they have a good all round cricketer, capable of scoring quick runs and bowling tight overs. No side can ask for more - we could have done with such a player ourselves when it mattered today.

Similarly Shane Mott and Mudassar Bukhari showed themselves to be bowlers capable of keeping a tight line and length and both returned exemplary figures against a side supposedly their superiors.

Having made a dreadful start to our innings it appeared that Wes Durston and Wayne Madsen had steered us to calm waters and a push to victory, but when Durston was dismissed after a stand of 117 in 22 overs the wheels came off, four wickets going down for just twenty runs in five overs at a time when we were meant to be accelerating. Make no bones about it, 69 from the last ten overs with seven wickets in hand should have been a walk in the park.

That only two batsmen made it to double figures in the innings before Steffan Jones late onslaught brought respectability to the score tells its own sorry story. But the fact that we cling tonight to 'respectability' rather than a win says it all really.

This result doesn't end our CB 40 season (despite what some gloom and doom merchants are bound to be saying tonight) but we simply have to do better than this.

Poor. Sorry, there's no other word for it. I hope that this proves to be the low point of the season


Anonymous said...

I was there as one of only about 4 Dutch supporters today (my father was Dutch) and I have to say it was a really good match. I can see how it would be disappointing to a Derbyshire fan, though. The ground was busy and there was a really friendly, sporting atmosphere that you don't always get when you are way in the supporting minority as I was today.

For a while there, it looked like it would be a close one. Durston did well with the bat and the Dutch were desperate for a wicket for a period. But in the end, it was the Netherlands day and good luck to them. After last year's awful season, I hope they do better this time.

Anonymous said...

Depleted or not, as a first class side a squad of 20 odd, I am afraid personnel excuses don't wash. This, as you rightly concluded, was poor.


P.S. I don't even any pleasure in it coming from Dutch ancestry either.

Mr P said...

Why did Derbys throw away so many wickets trying to play the reverse sweep? It is a poor shot the best of times - what is wrong with straight hitting. Steffan Jones showed up the real batsmen in the team.

Anonymous said...

We let them get 20 too many and only 3 of our batsman hit a boundary. A poor start.
Yes, they had a few that weren't born in the Netherlands but we had a lot that weren't born in England!

Alan said...

I heard one spectator behind me describe the Dutch bowlers as military medium at best (that was before they started bowling). In truth they didn't seem that quick, but my word, Shane Mott and Mudassar Bukhari particularly showed our lads how to do it. They got life and bounce where JM's boys found none. Mind you, poor shot selection so early in the innings didn't help.

I agree with Mr. P about the reverse sweep, and although he batted really well, and I do like the guy, it would be an interesting statistic to see how many times Wayne Madsen has been out when trying to play the reverse sweep. JM should have a word in his ear and perhaps suggest docking a weeks wages the next time he gets out trying it :)

Once again, the old man 'almost' came to the rescue. Where are we going to find another like him?

For me, one of the Derbyshire highlights (there weren't very many), Chesney opening the bowling, and sending one of the Dutch openers back into the hutch in his first over having bowled him - I think I could bowl as fast as Ches, mind you, I might not be as good with the bat!

Having said all that, the Dutch team thoroughly deserved there win, they may surprise a few more this year - well done to them!

Anonymous said...

I am affraid it was just like the Middlesex game. We got a sniff of victory and 'choked'. These were two games we should have won.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Yorkshire will let Rafiq play for us against them next Monday?

Anonymous said...

Nice to see a few there yesterday, a nice atmosphere and the ground looked well. Praise must go to the backroom team at the club who are doing a job.