Tuesday, 5 April 2011

As I said last week...

Much in the same way as I blogged last week, John Morris has now said that Derbyshire need to move on after Don Amott’s resignation as chairman.

As he points out, Don is still on the committee, but now is the time for the focus to be totally on the cricket. No one is a bigger fan of Don Amott than John Morris and that should be enough for everyone. From what a correspondent has posted below, Mr Grant looks set to be an admirable replacement and I’m sure that his job will be made much easier if everyone – including fans – pulls in the same direction.

I don't mind constructive (mind that word) criticism of the team, but this blog was created to celebrate Derbyshire cricket in all its glory. While I was as disappointed at recent events as many of you were, the end result is far from a disaster and it is time to move on.

Any issues with regard to specific members of the committee should be dealt with at next year's AGM and not before - certainly not now. I'll delete any comments that persistently snipe at the club and officials, if for no other reason than it gets boring.

Onwards and upwards my friends. It’s the only way.

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Anonymous said...

At the County Ground the other day they said we were playing Cambridge University away today in a friendly. Nothing on the website or Radio Derby about the score. Does anyone know it?