Saturday, 2 April 2011

Chris Grant interview

Thanks to regular reader Alan for bringing to my attention an interview that Chris Grant did with Phil Trow on Radio Derby's breakfast show this morning.

In it he discusses his role and puts to bed the story that John Morris wil be taking a cut in salary in any new contract.

You can listen to it yourself on BBC iplayer at:

The interview lasts around 5 minutes and starts at 41'14.

Good stuff  - and thanks again Alan!


Anonymous said...

Plenty of references to supporting the ECB initiatives linked to player selection.

That could prove an interesting challenge for Morris, particularly with most of the youngsters far from cemented into the side. It could also prove a threat for the Durstons, Parks, Palladinos and Groenewalds as the season pans out, who will all have to keep on their toes.


Anonymous said...

Chris Grant spoke well and I am sure that everyone at the club is right behind him.

Anonymous said...

We don't want to get too involved with these incentives to play the younger players. Just give John Morris a budget and let him get on with it!
It would be nice to have some young home grown talentin the side but if we field a team of youngsters and they are not good enough then we won't win a game and no one will watch us play.
If we pick our best team and lose out on a few quid then it will be more than out weighed by winning matches.
Winning matches will increase attendences and make it a lot easier to get sponsorship and we will receive more in the way of prize money.

Peakfan said...

You're right. I've heard what Dave Griffin said at the AGM re the need to play nine English qualified players to minimise ECB penalties in the first class game.
That would mean us choosing, at the start of the season, any two from Hughes, Madsen, Khawaja and Smith. Anyone who says that they're not four of the better players is having a laugh.
Though with Smith, in my opinion likely to move on next year and Madsen and Hughes qualified in 2013 it is a short term issue and needs to be accepted as such. Knee jerk reactions to play kids just to get the money would be counter productive, as fans won't pay to see essentially a second string.

Anonymous said...

The last two comments make good sense. One thing for sure though, I am fed up of listening what David Griffin thinks. John Morris has forgotten more about cricket than David Griffin will ever know!
Can we just let John sort the cricket and let David take the pictures of it?