Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Poll result

Well, there was a fair old division on the most recent poll, which suggested that 39% of you think we’ll have a terrible season. I think some of that may be down to the first game, where our second day batting cost us badly.

There’s still enough people out there think we’ll win and lose in equal measure, while a bigger than expected proportion think we’ll have a good year.

For what its worth I sat in the middle. I think we’ll do better than last year in the Championship (which wouldn’t be hard) and should win a few T20 games with Messrs Guptill and Khawaja in the side. Pro 40 I’m not so sure, but I’d certainly settle for competitive at this stage.

The side is inexperienced and that’s hard to sort. If we’d had the money, John Morris could have perhaps signed Jamie Dalrymple and Usman Afzaal in the winter and they would undoubtedly have added ballast and know how to the line up. Their age and their likely salary demands wouldn’t allow it though, so we need to make do with what we have.

I still think that this is a potentially exciting squad, especially when one considers the younger age group. Whether it develops into something more than that will depend on how many turn potential into achieving talent. We don’t know that and we won’t for a few weeks.

Get behind them. I certainly expect to be there next week for the Middlesex game and look forward to a summer’s entertainment from the ‘shire.

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