Friday, 15 April 2011

Derbyshire v Leicestershire day 2

Here’s a few observations from today’s play:

I can’t think there will have been many better mornings for Derbyshire fans to watch than that one. 150 runs in two hours without losing a wicket? Even in Kim Barnett and John Morris’ pomp that would have taken some doing.

Greg Smith – man with a point to make? Keep on making it Greg. If you’re intent on a better deal, with Derbyshire or elsewhere for next season the way to do it is with runs and wickets. Given he has started prolifically with both we can only benefit, even if for one last season.

The reality is that Smith is a player of unquestionable talent who hasn’t yet produced the returns that those talents justify. Maybe this will be the season he breaks the 1,000 run barrier. It was a shame that he missed his century today, which was fully deserved and I hope that he realises he can enjoy an exciting future with Derbyshire.

Maybe I was a little hard on the side for the extras conceded yesterday. Leicestershire matched it today, with way too many byes for my liking if I was a fan of theirs. That is definitely one area where we have improved this year, with a top notch wicket-keeper (who is also an impressive batsman and skipper...)
Perhaps the ball is doing weird things with the change of direction and the new stand.

After Smith and Madsen went, Jon Clare and the skipper added useful runs as the lead mounted and Tim Groenewald also stuck in there, ending with some lusty blows as the total eventually ended at an impressive 439-9. Groenewald is becoming a real vital cog in this side and gets better with every game. Five wickets and an unbeaten 60...great stuff!

The match? Still everything to play for and I'd be amazed if they rolled over and died, but at 200 ahead and two days to go you'd hope we can get something in this one.

Postscript. Somerset spent who knows how much on Gemaal Hussain (28 overs 1-154) Steve Kirby (20 overs 1-81) and Ajantha Mendis (43 overs, 4-183) in the winter and went for 642 today. If money can’t buy me love, according to the Beatles, it must be doubtful if it can buy you wickets at Taunton either…

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Alan said...

A great day no doubt, and JM's boys ought not to lose it from here, rather being 200 ahead they are in with agreat chance of picking up the points on this one, let's hope so!

I mostly agree with you Peakfan on your assessments, but with regards to the extras, when looked at against overs bowled, Derbyshire conceded far too many!!

In the 1st Leicestershire innings, Derbyshire bowled 61.2 overs and conceded 41 extras.

In the 1st Derbyshire innings Leiceestershire bowled twice the amount, 125.3 overs and conceded 40 extras.

Giving 41 extras to the opposition is too much at any time, but in only 61.2 overs .....!

Having said all that - well done today, much, much better!