Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Good call by DCCC Forever

Those of you who peruse the comments below my articles will know that DCCC Forever is a regular contributor and I'm very grateful for that.

Today he's come up with a man who would be a fine signing for any county looking to strengthen their side with a Kolpak player who satisfies the existing criteria - Neil McKenzie of South Africa.

McKenzie is a very fine player who can both open the batting and bat in the middle order and would strengthen any side. DCCC Forever asks if he would score more heavily than Wavell Hinds in our middle order and I think he would. I don't think he'd come cheap and with resources tight I think our need is more for top quality bowlers, but if we could afford him...

With a Test average of 38 and a first class one of 43, McKenzie will always score runs. He'd be 34 when next season came around and still have plenty in the tank. Crucially, he'd also qualify as a Kolpak as he played a Test in early 2009, yet now seems to have faded from the international scene in favour of younger models. A top five of Rogers, Madsen, Park, Smith and McKenzie would be worth going to see, but I'd be surprised if it happened. Still, you never know...

I've been having a leisurely day today on my penultimate day before a return to work and seeing if I could spot any potential Kolpaks in the South African ranks. Not having access to their passport details (!) it's hard, but there's not an awful lot out there. I thought of "frog in a blender" Paul Adams as a spinner, but remembered I'd read that he'd retired at the age of 31.

Paul Harris, who had a spell at Warwickshire has dropped down the pecking order in favour of Rolof Van der Merwe and might be an option. An accurate slow left armer, he did very well in South Africa in keeping the pressure on while the quickies had a breather, but could well come back on the scene once they return to Test action from the current spate of one day competitions.

Robin Petersen is an off spinning all rounder of talent, but hasn't played recently enough to qualify and neither would Justin Ontong, who is more a batsman who bowls a bit. Of the seamers, Vernon Philander pulled up few trees for Middlesex, while Jo Louw, who had a spell at both Middlesex and Northamptonshire was in the frame for the post that Nantie got last season and was judged a lesser bowler than the wayward one. That being the case, it is unlikely he'd be back in it sometime soon.

Maybe we need to employ fresh tactics. Sign McKenzie, aim to score 700 every game and then keep our fingers crossed the opposition give in through boredom...

If nothing else, my surfing has highlighted what a huge job John Morris has this winter. I remain confident that he'll come up with something, but I'm guessing that he could run up a big phone bill before next April.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Peakfan
If you looking for spinner then why not look further West Indies spinner Nikita Miller. A quality Slow Left Armer who conceded 24 of 10 overs against Australia picking 2 wickets and he can bat a bit when he scored a half-century against a potent Pakistan bowling attack. He soon could be out of the picture if the West Indies Board sorts out its dispute with its players.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Wes Durston is set to leave Somerset. He is a decent player who is popular with their supporters. He has a decent record in all forms of the game and at 28 he is looking for regular fisrt team cricket. What do you think?