Sunday, 27 September 2009

Final word on yesterday

Woke up this morning to open my e mails (well, not just to open my e mails) and was amazed to find I'd two from the BBC 606 informing me that my comments last night had broken their house rules.

Hmmm. Hang on a minute. I comment on a Northamptonshire fan suggesting that he saw a Derbyshire player spit in the face of one of his team last year (which no one else saw and no player or umpire complained about) and another suggesting that Derbyshire took bribes yesterday. My comments are deleted because they break house rules. Something wrong with this picture...

The other comments are still up there, along with a new one that changes Buck Rogers to something more blunt Anglo-Saxon. So I complain about them.

Presumably whoever is moderator today has more common sense than the one last night and instantly deletes them. It does make you wonder though. A lot of the vitriol spewing from keyboards across the midlands could have been avoided by a little common sense last night at the Beeb.

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