Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Another interesting player on the market

Thanks again to DCCC Forever for bringing to my attention that the Somerset all rounder Wes Durston is set to leave the county.

Durston, despite boasting a career batting average a shade under 40 has never been able to cement a place in the batting order at Taunton despite some impressive performances, while his off spin is probably better than it would at first appear, when having to bowl it most of the time on the most batsman friendly track in the country.

He is also a very fine fielder, probably the best on their books and is highly regarded by the Somerset fans - check out their responses to the news on 606 today.

In answer to DCCC Forever's question - yes, I do think he could do a job for Derbyshire and may be another option for that middle order berth in the side. He could comfortably bat at 5 or 6 in the order and his bowling, which seems to get wickets, is quite useful too.

I don't know if John Morris rates him (unless John Morris IS DCCC Forever!) but if he's wanting to know about the lad I'm sure he has only to ask Steffan Jones, who must know him pretty well after his sojourn in the west country.

Time will tell if Durston is an option, or if he will become a target for the likes of Gloucestershire. What is certain is that a talented young (28) all rounder leaving his county at a time when Kolpaks are being shed like Autumnal leaves is sure to be in demand.

Don't you just love conjecture?

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