Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Close poll

So 57% of people in the poll last week wanted us to sign Kabir Ali...

Shame he's off to Hampshire then. 52% liked the idea of signing Will Jefferson too, while 22% of those voting didn't like the idea of either of them.

Blimey, you guys are hard to please!

OK, let's lay another couple of names that are out there for you. Chris Silverwood and Bilal Shafayat. What do you reckon?

Get voting...


Anonymous said...

Peakfan, forget Silverwood. We don't want to be his pension fund! We'd be better of signing Steffan Jones. Shafayat is OK but we might be better saving the money up for a decent pace bowler or a decent spinner if they become available.

Peakfan said...

I've made my feelings known about him too, DCCCF, but maybe he's got fans out there.
As for Steff, I'd have a contract under his nose anytime. Top bloke, top player