Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Derbyshire v Essex day 1 - lunch

When I watched Sky Sports News this morning and Paul Allott said it was a green track, I kept my fingers crossed we'd win the toss and bowl.

We didn't, but all things considered, that's a good morning for Derbyshire.

Buck looks in good nick and Wayne helped give him a good start to the innings. We really need Buck to bat and bat here, and if the other guys get their heads down, we can post a good total.

It was interesting to see that Dan Redfern and John Sadler are playing, as is Jon Clare. So our attack is essentially Jones and Wagg to open, Clare and Smith to bowl first change then Wagg and Smith to bowl spin, ably aided by Dan Redfern.

Enough to win? Who knows, but if we win all the sessions as we have this one, we'll have a chance. Essex didn't bowl well this morning, something I hope continues, but we've started well and need to continue in that vein for four days.

Elsewhere, Northants are struggling against Leicestershire at 67-4, Gloucestershire have hardly played against Kent and Surrey have slowly recovered from a poor start against Glamorgan.

Things can't continue to go this well, can they?

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