Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Wavell verdict

By a 2/3 majority, the Derbyshire fans have voted that Wavell Hinds deserves another year - always assuming the powers that be don't change the rules on Kolpaks of course.

Wavell hasn't pulled up any trees with his batting this season, but with an average of just under 30, coupled with handy wickets at 25 he has justifiable claim to be considered an all rounder. To be brutally honest, a recently departed captain would have loved those figures...

Whether one should expect more from an overseas player is a moot point, but there's worse players than Wavell out there, and unless his salary would be the difference between getting and not getting a top player, my inclination would be to keep him. I actually feel we may see more of his batting another year now that he has acclimatised. Having ceased playing for Jamaica, a rest then some slog and run in India will set him up nicely for another year and I'd be happy to see him back.

Why not vote in this week's poll? Who should be the Derbyshire skipper next season? Some interesting choices for you!

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