Monday, 8 September 2008

Glamorgan v Derbyshire

Not a lot to say about this one really.

An inexperienced Derbyshire side had Glamorgan on the ropes then somehow allowed them to make over 200. Fair play to the Welsh boys, they played some good shots, but the wicket looked tricky early on and the ball appears to be a ticking bomb when it leaves the hand of Robert Croft.

On a horses for courses basis I'd play Crofty next year against the Aussies at the SWALEC and prepare an absolute bunsen burner to suit him and Panesar. Let's be honest, the Aussies haven't got any spinners now and Croft has made our spinners look exactly what they are - novices.

We'd too many players missing to read anything into this one, although Rogers batted well briefly. Wave never looked at home and Danny Redfern played acouple of good shots but never suggested permanence.

As I type this we're 82-6 needing 10 an over off the last 12 with Sadler and Whiteley at the crease.

It really isn't going to happen. Not on this track and with these bowlers and who we have left.

Never mind, Rikki will be back in town on Saturday. Be still my beating heart...

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