Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Glamorgan v Derbyshire - final thoughts

I don't know about you all, but I didn't read a lot into last night's game. A lot less than the commentators did in fact.

I couldn't believe the stuff they were coming out with. These are supposedly informed people and they couldn't grasp that Derbyshire didn't have a full team out. There were numerous references to our having to rebuild with youngsters as we'd only a couple of senior players. There were no references to the absentees and the difference they'd have made.

I'm still not sure about Wayne White, despite a good spell last night. He bowls some very good balls and some rubbish and until he can bowl more of the former his place in the team and on the staff will be in doubt. I thought Ian Hunter bowled well, but Hunts is another who can be great one day and average the next. Ross Whiteley was overtaken by nerves in his brief spell and bowled too wide, but we really missed the seamers. Needham did OK, but Smith and Redfern looked occasional bowlers and Wavell, while a useful bowler, shouldn't have to bowl a full spell too often.

As for the batting, Chris Rogers was the only one who suggested permanence but was going TOO well and when he got out it looked a different game. Glamorgan's experienced attack was muchtoo clever for our batsmen and it was a foregone conclusion from a long way out though Whiteley and Sadler batted quite well at the end.

I'll be glad when the Warwickshire game is done. This has been a poor one day season, and the sooner it is consigned to the dump bin of history the better.

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