Sunday, 7 September 2008

Glamorgan v Derbyshire Pro 40

Will Derbyshire reverse a poor Pro 40 season away to Glamorgan or will the one day season peter out? Not that it ever really petered in...

We have this game and then the home fixture against the Second Eleven - sorry, Warwickshire on Saturday and the one day year is over.

There are really only two things wrong with our game in one day cricket. We don't bat especially well and we bowl worse. There have been exceptions to that, but not many. Langeveldt has always been accurate, but the other bowlers have been accurate on occasion and horribly expensive on others. Sometimes they've been that way in the two spells of an innings. Frustrating.

As for the batting, I long to see a Derbyshire one day team totally dominate the opposition and win in a canter. The nearest this year was the Pro 40 at Northampton, when Birch and Hinds batted beautifully and in the 20/20 at Headingley when Hinds and Smith did the same. There is usually the loss of more than one quick wicket, that puts us from a position of ascendancy to the back foot in a couple of overs.

There is promise. Hinds will be even better next year, Birch has bucked the norm and done better in his second season than his first and Redfern looks composed, organised and busy at the crease. We should not forget that this is essentially a young and inexperienced side. With Smith fully fit and able to bowl seam again next year, Wagg fit (which he hasn't been for weeks), Clare a year older and a couple of good signings, we could be a better equipped side for one day cricket.

However, the sections in which we find ourselves in the one dayers are tough. Durham are a fine side, although I think we could and should beat the Roses pairing. I was amused (and astonished) to read a Lancashire fan on 606 saying that "we are big and can get who we want" for next season. Excuse me, hahahahahahahahahahahaha....

Another suggests they sign Ackerman or Bopara, Samit Patel and Rikki Clarke...

A third suggests they look at Zimbabweans for the side. Nurse, my medication!

Few seem happy with Luke Sutton as a keeper or batsman and the ex-Derbyshire captain/keeper hasn't hit the heights at Old Trafford. I quite liked him, but I wouldn't swap him for James Pipe.

Anyway, here's to tomorrow, dry weather and a win. We've not won a one day match in Wales since Gandhi was a lad. OK, it was 1990, but seems like longer. I'll not bother suggesting a team as at this stage of proceedings anyone may play. Graham Wagg may get a deserved break, Langers may also miss out, so your guess is as good as mine.

Meanwhile, relations between Justin Langer and Ian Blackwell seem to have broken down. I know that Blackwell isn't the most lithe or slimline of players and that Somerset have some good batsmen, but surely Blackwell would be in their best one day side?

I wonder...

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