Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Next year's skipper

In a healthy sized vote, it would appear that a third of you like the idea of Chris Rogers as skipper next year.

There are two schools of thought. Either we recruit someone who has shown a flair for the role and will galvanise the side, or we adopt the Aussie model and choose the best player. Undoubtedly that would be Rogers and I can't see anyone in the county game just now who I'd rate higher than him.

I don't think Michael Vaughan will leave Yorkshire and now he has retained his central contract he'd not be much help to us anyway. Waggy's time will come but not just yet, so that leaves Buck in a strong position.

Today' announcement of the retiral of Kevin Dean perhaps makes the position of seam bowling for next year an easier choice. Wagg, Langeveldt, Clare and Lungley are pretty much certainties, with Smith as back up. Make your feelings known in this week's poll.

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