Thursday, 4 September 2008

Now Doshi follows...

Nayan Doshi has also now been released from the remainder of his contract.

The genial slow left armer has presumably been unimpressed by the departure of his good friend Rikki Clarke and decided that there is greener grass to be had on the other side of the fence. Who knows, destination Edgbaston anyone?

I'm unsure about this one. No one could say that he had been a roaring success this season, although there was his hat trick in the 20/20. He generally bowled with good control but rarely looked like running through sides. Indeed, most of his wickets came when the opposition were "having a go" and eight wickets at 80 runs each in the Championship wasn't the most persuasive argument for retention. He was a nice bloke though and I enjoyed conversations with him this season when he said that he was "loving it" here. Hmmm...

Only in the 20/20 did he perform close to the extended standard but I look around the circuit and wonder who we might sign to replace him. There are precious few slow left armers of any quality around and spinners as a whole are in short supply. The best in the country are Panesar, Croft, Keedy, Udal, Swann, Batty and Rashid and I'm stretching the word "quality" there.

Given that we have Greg Smith and Dan Redfern who can bowl reasonable off spin, plus Jake Needham who has improved this season and has looked penetrative at times, maybe we stick with what we have. Now Graham Wagg is bowling some spin (and took three wickets in the current game with it) perhaps we don't need to look elsewhere. I don't see Danny Vettori becoming a naturalised Englishman and living in derby sometime soon, so maybe we look to pump up that seam attack this winter.

The only possibility would be released Yorkshire leggie Mark Lawson, who has looked a talent on occasion but has been overshadowed by the better all round ability of Adil Rashid. He is at a similar stage of development to Jake Needham, however, so would be far from the finished article.

Life is never dull round these parts, is it?

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