Monday, 17 April 2017

Pre-last day thoughts

While all three results are possible today, the thinking man or woman's money would be on the draw.

From our perspective, we are 116 runs on and would need to set them between 275 and 300 in perhaps 50 overs to win. For me, the rain has taken too much time out of the game and unless they served up 'buffet' bowling, the wicket hasn't been conducive to aggressive stroke play to get there.

Then again, and taking nothing at all away from our excellent opening pair's efforts, 142-0 doesn't suggest that the last day wicket would be a minefield on which to survive, so could we realistically take ten wickets in fifty overs, unless they collapsed as they did in the first innings?

To win would require a huge effort from all eleven players and a special one from at least one bowler. I don't think that Billy Godleman would risk a damaging loss by dangling too attractive a carrot in front of the visitors and we may just need to write this up as a very encouraging first game. A ton for either or both openers, especially Luis Reece on debut, would be most welcome.

Let's face it, Northamptonshire won their first game in a canter but they are in trouble here and would doubtless be quite happy with the draw.

For all the comments I have seen that suggest we should 'go for it', the reality is that of course they will, but won't risk undoing three days of very hard work with a silly declaration on the last day.

Because the usual suspects will then start saying 'same old Derbyshire'.

Which I suspect we're not.

More from me later. Sadly, work beckons so the desktop scoreboard awaits...


Anonymous said...

Wow. Amazing by Reece and Godleman. Looks like we wanna see what Mendis and they're batsmen are made of. Looks like we are going for it. Or are they doing declaration bowling?

Peakfan said...

Declaration bowling mate but fair play to both skippers for wanting a positive result. See how this goes later!

Anonymous said...

Well poised. Do we think Northants have promised to go all out for it? Probably our best hope of a long over due championship win. Respect to the captains as you rightly point out

Mark said...

Absolutely disastrous bowling display. No way should they have chased down that total in half a day. Poor poor stuff Derbyshire, and my fears have been proven right with this poor attack.

Dave M said...

Looking forward to your thoughts on today with keen anticipation Peakfan!

Peakfan said...

Very knee jerk comment Mark. They have a very good batting side and will be in the promotion pack this year if they keep a more limited bowling attack fit.

Special innings from Levi, as I wrote in tonight's piece.

We took 17 wickets without our main strike bowler. Last year we struggled to take ten in match.

Things will improve and there are a lot of positives from the game.